Quest log limit

Haven’t played since dragonflight launch. Login to see lots of quest on my minimap. I can’t pick up every quest as I see them on my minimap because of a quest log limit. It would be much more satisfying to be able to pick up every dragonflight quest when I see them so they don’t show up as ! on the minimap and I can do them when I fly around and see their objective is nearby. Please increase the quest log limit.

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It has already been increased with Dragonflight from 25 to 35.

It has been a very long time at the previous cap, surely you can do the previous quests with the people who are in dire need of your assistance first before running towards the next questgiver?

I hear you, but it doesn’t change how I feel when traveling past a ! and not being able to pick it up, it feels bad seeing the red text pop up saying I’ve reached a limit, even if im on my way to complete some of them

It has been increased, but they should increase it more, it sucks to abandon quests.

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