Question about battle pet breeds

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Are they the same quality for every battle pet? my last few anub idols were rare guardian for example, and several other pets im getting the same rarity every time. unborn valkkyr i keep getting balance

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Some battle pets have different breeds, some have only one breed.

The different breeds are speed, power, health and balance (at the top of my head). These can be combined to for example P/P (pure power) or S/P (divided between power and speed) and so forth.


Here’s the long version:

Galander has it almost right. The attributes are Health, Power, and Speed. Balance is when these are mixed.

Some pets come in only one breed. Anubisath Idol comes only in H/H. Unborn Val’kyr comes in B/B and H/H.

Get the addon Battle Pet Breed ID to show breeds.

In general, you will probably find the best breed(s) for pets from this survey:

but if you are looking for specific breeds for the strats to beat the rares in Naz, then go by whatever breeds they use.

The Valk is common enough now. You will find a H/H soon enough. :slight_smile:

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