Pet Breed Survey 2019


This is my second breed survey. The last was in June 2017, and it’s time for an update. This should be considered to be taken at the very start of 8.1. It includes pets up to and including 8.0.

I chose 27 notable pet battlers, who have authored strategies or guides, produced YouTube channels, and been active in battling theory discussions. I downloaded their rosters, using Xu-Fu’s Pet Collection Viewer, without which this wouldn’t be possible, so thanks, Aranesh! I eliminated all pets except Blue 25s, and was left with 26,446 pets.

Looking at the rosters chosen, some things stand out, not least that different people have different approaches to their rosters. Some people don’t bother much with pets they don’t use for battling, and may not even bother to level pets they don’t intend to use, while some level and rarify everything. Some keep their rosters very tight, releasing anything they don’t intend to level, while others retain pets unless they need to remove them for space. Some focus more on breeds for PvP, and some for PvE. Some want to keep only one of each species, while others are happy to keep three of useful pets even when there is only one breed.

The original focus of the survey dealt only with species that have multiple breeds, and may be of interest to people who are wondering which breed of a specific pet they should get. However, some other factoids may also be interesting, and who doesn’t love “Top” lists? :slight_smile:

This question of determining preferred breed in a survey is a litte more complicated than it might at first appear, since there are many generic movesets used by multiple species. For example, the moveset of Rabbit is shared with 12 other species of multi-breed rabbits - Hare, Grasslands Cottontail, and others. Thus, for battling purposes, all of these species are the same, just with a choice of different stats. And so, people will want at least one 357-speed generic rabbit, and may want the higher-power but slower 325-speed, but may not care about the breeds once they have those two. When you see that most Tolai Hare Pups in the survey are B/B, you should not conclude that this is the “best” breed; rather that collectors have so many useful breeds of rabbits already that by the time they got to Tolai Hare Pup, they had stopped bothering, because they will never need to use it. As a further complication, some single-breed species, like Spring Rabbit, may share the same moveset.

To help with highlighting this, I have added a moveset-group description to each species, so that you can see which are generic moveset Snakes, Snails, Beetles and so on.

Many people also keep multiple breeds of some pets. Why? Many species have different breeds that are better in different situations. For example, a P/P Power breed of Ore Eater may be ideal for situations where its shield must mitigate a large hit, while an S/S Speed breed may be necessary to take the move advantage in others. Many of the excess pets may be collected to be available for different encounters.

Full data in pipe-delimited format is at for anyone who wants to pull it into a spreadsheet or DB and slice it for themselves. Below I excerpt some interesting views.

Question about battle pet breeds
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Capturing pets in the world (Breeds or rarity) ?

Here are the Top 50 most held pets in the 27 rosters, together with the three most common breeds held.

People keep duplicates for various reasons: because different breeds are useful for different purposes, because the pet is handy to have a second of when you can’t heal, or just for trade. And then sometimes, using a double or triple team is a thought-free way to beat a tamer when you just want Charms. Triple Iron Starlette (except against Elemental or Magic), triple Nexus Whelpling (except against Mechanical), triple Ikky or Zandalari Raptor or Blighted/Infected Squirrel are cheesy teams that will steamroll most BfA quests quickly.

# Name Total Held Breeds Held
1 Iron Starlette 62 P/P(40%),P/S(23%),H/H(19%)
2 Nexus Whelpling 57 P/P(58%),P/S(25%),P/B(18%)
3 Bone Serpent 57 H/H(35%),P/S(33%),S/S(21%)
4 Frostfur Rat 56 S/S(43%),P/P(30%),P/S(16%)
5 Qiraji Guardling 52 S/S(35%),P/P(23%),H/H(15%)
6 Nether Faerie Dragon 52 S/S(33%),P/P(27%),H/P(17%)
7 Unborn Val’kyr 52 H/H(56%),B/B(44%)
8 Kun-Lai Runt 49 P/P(49%),P/S(35%),P/B(16%)
9 Dream Whelpling 48 P/P(54%),P/S(27%),P/B(19%)
10 Spectral Spinner 47 S/S(43%),P/S(30%),P/B(17%)
11 Scourged Whelpling 46 H/H(67%),P/S(33%)
12 Sporeling Sprout 45 P/P(31%),S/S(20%),H/H(20%)
13 Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar 45 P/P(40%),S/S(36%),H/H(24%)
14 Flayer Youngling 44 S/S(43%),P/P(27%),H/H(5%)
15 Emperor Crab 44 P/P(64%),H/H(36%)
16 Zandalari Anklerender 44 S/S(34%),P/P(34%),P/B(18%)
17 Dust Bunny 44 S/S(43%),P/S(43%),S/B(14%)
18 Blighthawk 43 P/S(37%),H/P(35%),H/H(21%)
19 Minfernal 43 P/P(28%),H/H(26%),P/S(21%)
20 Infinite Whelpling 43 P/P(44%),P/S(33%),P/B(23%)
21 Emerald Proto-Whelp 43 P/P(63%),P/S(23%),P/B(14%)
22 Bonkers 43 S/S(37%),P/S(21%),P/P(19%)
23 Zandalari Toenibbler 42 S/S(43%),P/P(31%),P/S(24%)
24 Mechanical Axebeak 42 P/P(43%),S/S(24%),H/P(14%)
25 Teroclaw Hatchling 42 H/P(100%)
26 Mechanical Scorpid 42 S/S(52%),P/P(24%),S/B(10%)
27 Slithershock Elver 42 S/S(50%),P/P(24%),H/P(10%)
28 Crusher 42 P/P(38%),H/P(21%),H/H(21%)
29 Fel Flame 41 H/P(37%),H/H(37%),H/S(27%)
30 Nordrassil Wisp 41 S/S(54%),S/B(12%),P/B(12%)
31 Ghost Maggot 41 S/S(44%),P/S(24%),P/B(24%)
32 Ghastly Rat 41 H/S(41%),P/B(32%),S/B(17%)
33 Zandalari Kneebiter 40 S/S(45%),P/P(33%),P/S(18%)
34 Ore Eater 40 S/S(48%),P/P(30%),S/B(10%)
35 Young Talbuk 40 S/S(33%),P/P(18%),H/P(13%)
36 Chrominius 40 H/H(100%)
37 Dancing Water Skimmer 39 HB(44%),H/S(21%),B/B(21%)
38 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 39 S/S(100%)
39 Direhorn Runt 39 H/P(31%),H/H(26%),H/S(18%)
40 Blood Boil 39 S/S(26%),P/P(21%),H/S(15%)
41 Blightbreath 39 H/P(59%),H/S(26%),B/B(15%)
42 Wicked Soul 39 S/S(64%),P/S(26%),S/B(10%)
43 Creepy Crate 38 H/H(100%)
44 Crow 38 S/S(45%),B/B(21%),P/B(18%)
45 Fiendish Imp 38 S/S(76%),P/S(13%),P/B(11%)
46 Autumnal Sproutling 38 P/P(29%),S/S(16%),S/B(13%)
47 Ikky 38 P/S(100%)
48 Twilight Clutch-Sister 38 P/S(53%),P/B(34%),S/B(13%)
49 Tiny Harvester 37 P/P(24%),S/S(19%),H/H(16%)
50 Robo-Chick 37 S/S(24%),H/H(24%),P/S(22%)


Here is the distribution of breeds across the 27 collections in the species that are available in more than one breed. The Moveset column allows you to see which species are the same for battling purposes, apart from any variety of stats.

Name Total Preferred Breeds Moveset
Adder 22 P/S(36%), P/B(36%), B/B(27%) Snake
Albatross Chick 21 P/B(29%), B/B(29%), H/B(24%) Gull
Albino Buzzard 28 H/H(39%), H/S(32%), H/P(21%)
Albino Chimaeraling 35 S/S(40%), P/P(29%), P/S(20%)
Albino River Calf 23 B/B(35%), H/S(26%), H/H(22%) Hippo
Alpine Chipmunk 26 S/S(38%), P/B(15%), H/P(15%) Squirrel
Alpine Foxling 37 S/S(70%), P/B(30%) Fox
Alpine Foxling Kit 25 S/B(60%), B/B(40%) Fox
Alpine Hare 26 S/S(58%), H/P(27%), H/S(15%) Rabbit
Amber Moth 26 P/S(62%), H/S(38%) Moth
Amberbarb Wasp 23 P/B(43%), S/B(30%), H/B(17%) Wasp
Amethyst Shale Hatchling 33 P/P(27%), S/S(18%), H/P(18%) Shale Hatchling
Amethyst Spiderling 26 H/S(58%), H/P(42%) Spider
Ancona Chicken 23 S/B(30%), P/B(26%), B/B(26%) Chicken
Anodized Robo Cub 30 H/P(63%), H/H(37%)
Antoran Bile Larva 25 H/P(48%), P/B(28%), P/S(24%) Bile Larva
Antoran Bilescourge 31 H/P(39%), S/S(32%), H/S(16%) Bilescourge
Arcane Gorger 27 S/S(48%), P/B(19%), S/B(15%) Wyrmling
Arctic Hare 30 S/S(33%), B/B(20%), S/B(17%) Rabbit
Armadillo Pup 22 H/H(59%), H/S(41%) Armadillo
Ash Lizard 22 P/B(55%), B/B(45%) Lizard
Ash Spiderling 22 H/S(73%), B/B(27%) Spider
Ash Viper 21 P/S(38%), B/B(38%), P/B(24%) Snake
Ashleaf Spriteling 26 P/P(42%), S/S(19%), S/B(15%)
Ashwing Moth 32 P/S(59%), H/S(22%), S/B(9%)
Auburn Ringtail 21 S/S(38%), P/S(33%), B/B(29%) Bandicoon
Autumnal Sproutling 38 P/P(29%), S/S(16%), S/B(13%)
Axebeak Hatchling 27 P/P(44%), H/P(26%), H/B(11%) Junglebeak
Azure Crane Chick 33 P/P(36%), S/S(24%), H/P(15%)
Baby Ape 29 P/P(72%), B/B(28%)
Bandicoon 30 P/S(40%), S/S(37%), B/B(23%) Bandicoon
Bandicoon Kit 27 S/S(59%), B/B(41%) Bandicoon
Barrier Hermit 24 S/S(38%), P/S(29%), H/S(25%)
Bat 31 S/S(26%), P/P(23%), S/B(19%) Bat
Beetle 22 H/S(32%), H/P(32%), B/B(23%) Beetle
Bile Larva 26 H/H(42%), H/P(35%), H/B(15%) Bile Larva
Bilescourge 31 P/P(39%), S/B(19%), H/H(16%) Bilescourge
Biletoad 25 P/S(60%), H/P(28%), B/B(12%) Frog
Black Lamb 26 H/P(35%), H/S(19%), P/S(15%)
Black Rat 22 S/S(41%), S/B(23%), B/B(23%) Rat
Black-Footed Fox Kit 25 B/B(52%), S/B(48%) Fox
Blackfuse Bombling 37 P/P(46%), H/P(27%), H/H(27%)
Blazehound 34 P/P(47%), S/B(32%), P/B(21%)
Blightbreath 39 H/P(59%), H/S(26%), B/B(15%)
Blighted Squirrel 34 H/P(47%), P/B(32%), P/S(21%)
Blighthawk 43 P/S(37%), H/P(35%), H/H(21%)
Blind Rat 34 S/S(41%), P/P(18%), P/S(12%)
Blood Boil 39 S/S(26%), P/P(21%), H/S(15%)
Bloodbeak 25 P/P(36%), H/P(24%), P/B(16%) Junglebeak
Bloodfever Tarantula 24 P/S(33%), S/S(25%), S/B(21%)
Bloodsting Wasp 21 B/B(38%), P/B(29%), S/B(19%) Wasp
Bloodthorn Hatchling 28 H/B(32%), S/B(29%), P/B(29%) Skitterer
Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot 29 S/S(69%), P/S(24%), B/B(7%)
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling 26 H/H(38%), S/S(23%), P/S(19%) Dragonhawk
Blue Moth 21 B/B(52%), H/B(48%) Moth
Bone Serpent 57 H/H(35%), P/S(33%), S/S(21%)
Bone Wasp 22 S/B(41%), P/B(36%), H/B(14%)
Bonkers 43 S/S(37%), P/S(21%), P/P(19%)
Borean Marmot 25 S/S(24%), P/B(24%), H/B(24%) Marmot
Bound Stream 26 S/S(58%), S/B(42%)
Brilliant Bloodfeather 32 P/P(38%), S/S(28%), H/S(22%)
Brilliant Kaliri 25 P/S(64%), P/B(28%), S/S(8%) Owl
Bronze Whelpling 34 S/S(71%), P/P(24%), H/S(3%)
Brown Marmot 21 S/B(38%), S/S(33%), B/B(29%) Marmot
Brown Prairie Dog 21 S/S(43%), H/B(33%), B/B(24%)
Brown Rabbit 22 S/S(64%), B/B(23%), S/B(14%) Rabbit
Bucktooth Flapper 22 B/B(50%), H/B(50%)
Burrow Spiderling 23 S/S(48%), P/S(39%), S/B(13%)
Carrion Rat 21 B/B(38%), S/S(33%), S/B(14%) Rat
Cat 25 S/S(48%), S/B(36%), B/B(12%) Cat
Cavern Moccasin 32 H/S(38%), P/S(28%), S/S(25%)
Cerulean Moth 28 P/S(43%), H/S(39%), B/B(18%) Nimbus Moth
Chicken 22 H/B(36%), S/S(27%), S/B(23%) Chicken
Clefthoof Runt 22 H/H(55%), B/B(45%) Rhino
Clouded Hedgehog 25 S/S(56%), B/B(44%)
Coastal Bounder 19 S/S(37%), H/S(32%), B/B(26%)
Coastal Sandpiper 30 P/S(40%), S/S(27%), P/B(23%)
Coastal Scuttler 21 H/H(43%), H/B(33%), B/B(24%)
Cockatiel 23 S/S(61%), B/B(39%) Parrot
Cockroach 24 H/P(33%), H/H(21%), S/S(17%) Beetle
Cogblade Raptor 35 S/S(60%), S/B(20%), B/B(20%)
Coilfang Stalker 25 P/B(56%), H/B(24%), B/B(20%)
Coral Adder 23 B/B(39%), S/S(30%), P/S(30%) Snake
Coralback Fiddler 29 S/S(52%), P/S(28%), P/B(14%) Scuttler
Creepy Crawly 22 H/H(41%), H/P(27%), H/S(18%) Beetle
Crested Owl 22 H/B(50%), H/S(32%), B/B(18%) Owl
Crimson Geode 37 P/P(51%), H/P(22%), H/H(19%)
Crimson Moth 21 H/S(57%), H/B(24%), B/B(19%) Moth
Crimson Shale Hatchling 25 H/P(36%), B/B(36%), H/S(28%) Shale Hatchling
Crimsonwing Moth 20 P/S(40%), H/S(40%), B/B(20%) Nimbus Moth
Crow 38 S/S(45%), B/B(21%), P/B(18%)
Crunchy Scorpion 23 H/S(57%), B/B(43%) Scorpion
Crusher 42 P/P(38%), H/P(21%), H/H(21%)
Crystal Beetle 21 H/B(43%), H/H(33%), H/S(24%) Beetle
Crystal Spider 30 H/S(80%), B/B(20%)
Crystalline Broodling 29 P/S(41%), H/H(24%), S/B(21%) Broodling
Dancing Water Skimmer 39 H/B(44%), H/S(21%), B/B(21%) Water Skimmer
Dandelion Frolicker 31 S/S(58%), P/S(26%), S/B(10%)
Darkmoon Cub 23 P/S(52%), B/B(48%) Cat
Darkmoon Glowfly 27 P/B(41%), H/S(26%), B/B(19%) Firefly
Darkmoon Rabbit 27 S/S(56%), H/S(30%), B/B(15%)
Darkshore Cub 25 P/P(56%), B/B(28%), H/P(16%)
Death Adder Hatchling 35 S/S(63%), P/S(11%), P/P(11%)
Death’s Head Cockroach 23 P/S(83%), P/B(17%) Beetle
Deepholm Cockroach 22 S/S(32%), H/H(32%), H/S(27%) Beetle
Desert Spider 27 S/S(56%), P/S(30%), B/B(11%) Spider
Devouring Maggot 22 H/S(55%), H/H(45%) Maggot
Dibbler 33 H/P(48%), H/B(36%), B/B(15%)
Diemetradon Hatchling 25 P/P(56%), B/B(32%), P/B(12%) Lizard
Dig Rat 27 S/S(48%), P/P(33%), B/B(19%)
Direhorn Runt 39 H/P(31%), H/H(26%), H/S(18%)
Discarded Experiment 27 H/P(52%), H/B(48%)
Dragonbone Hatchling 29 P/P(52%), H/H(24%), H/P(17%) Parrot
Dream Whelpling 48 P/P(54%), P/S(27%), P/B(19%)
Droplet of Y’Shaarj 30 P/P(60%), P/S(20%), P/B(20%)
Dung Beetle 23 B/B(35%), H/H(26%), H/S(22%) Beetle
Dusk Spiderling 23 S/B(52%), P/S(48%) Spider
Dust Bunny 44 S/S(43%), P/S(43%), S/B(14%)
Dusty Sporewing 27 H/S(44%), P/S(30%), B/B(26%) Nimbus Moth
Echo Batling 21 H/S(38%), S/B(29%), B/B(19%) Bat
Effervescent Glowfly 31 P/B(32%), H/S(29%), H/B(23%) Glowfly
Elder Python 30 H/S(57%), H/H(43%)
Elfin Rabbit 24 S/B(71%), B/B(29%) Rabbit
Elusive Skimmer 25 S/S(40%), P/B(20%), H/P(12%)
Emerald Boa 23 H/S(61%), H/P(39%) Snake
Emerald Proto-Whelp 43 P/P(63%), P/S(23%), P/B(14%)
Emerald Shale Hatchling 30 P/P(33%), H/H(20%), S/S(13%) Shale Hatchling
Emerald Turtle 30 B/B(37%), H/H(33%), H/B(30%)
Emperor Crab 44 P/P(64%), H/H(36%) Crab
Eternal Strider 32 P/S(75%), S/B(25%) Water Skimmer
Faceless Mindlasher 30 P/P(43%), P/S(27%), H/B(17%)
Faceless Minion 28 P/P(36%), H/B(25%), H/S(21%)
Fawn 31 S/S(42%), H/S(19%), S/B(16%) Fawn
Fel Flame 41 H/P(37%), H/H(37%), H/S(27%)
Felcrazed Wyrm 28 P/P(54%), S/B(14%), H/P(14%)
Felspider 35 S/S(49%), P/S(29%), B/B(17%)
Fen Crab 34 P/P(50%), H/H(50%) Scuttler
Festering Maggot 21 H/H(57%), H/S(43%) Maggot
Feverbite Hatchling 24 P/B(50%), P/P(29%), S/B(13%) Spider
Fiendish Imp 38 S/S(76%), P/S(13%), P/B(11%)
Filthling 25 H/H(44%), H/S(32%), B/B(24%)
Fire Beetle 27 H/S(37%), H/P(33%), H/H(30%) Lava Beetle
Fire-Proof Roach 26 S/S(35%), H/H(35%), H/P(19%) Beetle
Firefly 21 H/B(43%), S/S(38%), H/S(10%) Glowfly
Firewing 34 P/B(38%), S/B(32%), B/B(18%)
Fjord Rat 21 S/B(29%), P/B(29%), S/S(24%) Rat
Fjord Worg Pup 29 P/P(76%), H/P(24%) Fox
Flamering Moth 33 P/S(61%), H/S(27%), B/B(12%)
Flat-Tooth Calf 25 H/P(32%), H/H(32%), H/S(28%) Hippo
Flayer Youngling 44 S/S(43%), P/P(27%), H/H(5%)
Fledgling Buzzard 24 H/P(38%), H/H(33%), B/B(29%) Parrot
Fledgling Kingfeather 32 P/P(47%), P/S(25%), S/S(16%) Eagle
Fledgling Oliveback 27 P/P(37%), S/S(30%), P/S(22%) Eagle
Fluxfire Feline 34 S/S(68%), P/S(32%)
Foe Reaper 0.9 28 H/P(61%), S/B(25%), P/B(14%)
Forest Moth 22 H/B(45%), S/B(23%), B/B(18%) Moth
Forest Spiderling 24 S/B(42%), P/S(21%), B/B(21%) Spider
Forest Sproutling 28 S/S(50%), P/P(18%), P/S(14%)
Foulfeather 22 S/S(50%), S/B(32%), B/B(18%)
Fozling 25 H/P(40%), H/S(28%), H/H(20%)
Freshwater Crawler 22 P/P(36%), P/B(27%), S/S(18%)
Frog 20 H/B(50%), B/B(50%) Frog
Frostfur Rat 56 S/S(43%), P/P(30%), P/S(16%)
Frostshell Pincher 26 H/H(54%), P/P(46%) Scuttler
Fungal Moth 22 S/S(55%), B/B(27%), H/S(18%) Moth
Fuzzy Creepling 19 B/B(37%), H/S(32%), H/H(26%)
G0-R41-0N Ultratonk 31 H/P(52%), H/H(42%), H/B(6%)
Garden Frog 24 H/B(54%), B/B(46%) Frog
Garden Moth 24 B/B(63%), H/S(38%) Moth
Gazelle Fawn 24 B/B(58%), S/B(42%) Fawn
Ghastly Rat 41 H/S(41%), P/B(32%), S/B(17%)
Ghost Maggot 41 S/S(44%), P/S(24%), P/B(24%)
Ghostly Skull 33 H/P(52%), H/B(27%), H/H(21%)
Giant Woodworm 22 P/S(55%), H/H(14%), B/B(14%)
Gilded Moth 26 S/S(23%), P/B(19%), H/P(19%) Moth
Gilnean Raven 37 S/S(41%), B/B(35%), P/S(19%)
Giraffe Calf 24 H/B(63%), B/B(38%)
Gleamhoof Fawn 35 P/P(43%), S/S(23%), H/S(17%) Fawn
Glowing Sporebat 28 H/H(46%), B/B(29%), H/S(25%) Sporebat
Glutted Bleeder 26 P/P(54%), P/S(19%), H/P(15%)
Golden Beetle 25 P/P(40%), H/P(24%), H/S(20%)
Golden Civet 30 S/S(63%), S/B(37%) Otter
Golden Civet Kitten 29 S/S(45%), S/B(34%), B/B(21%) Otter
Golden Dawnfeather 31 P/P(26%), H/S(23%), S/S(19%)
Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling 27 S/S(67%), B/B(33%) Dragonhawk
Golden Eaglet 30 P/P(37%), P/S(27%), S/S(23%) Eagle
Gooey Sha-ling 28 S/S(43%), P/P(36%), H/H(21%)
Grassland Hopper 28 S/S(54%), B/B(25%), S/B(21%) Hopper
Grasslands Cottontail 27 H/P(33%), S/S(26%), H/S(15%) Rabbit
Great Horned Owl 23 B/B(39%), H/H(35%), H/P(26%) Owl
Grey Moth 22 H/S(36%), S/S(32%), B/B(32%) Moth
Grizzly Squirrel 28 S/S(43%), P/B(25%), B/B(18%) Squirrel
Grotto Vole 28 S/S(32%), S/B(25%), P/B(25%)
Grove Viper 23 S/S(57%), B/B(43%) Snake
Grumpling 33 P/P(58%), P/S(24%), P/B(18%)
Gu’chi Swarmling 24 H/S(50%), H/H(50%)
Gulp Froglet 30 H/P(43%), H/B(30%), B/B(27%)
Hare 21 H/P(29%), S/S(19%), H/S(19%) Rabbit
Harpy Youngling 28 B/B(54%), H/B(46%)
Hawk Owl 21 P/S(62%), P/B(19%), B/B(19%) Owl
Highlands Mouse 23 S/S(39%), S/B(17%), P/B(17%) Rat
Highlands Skunk 26 S/S(54%), H/S(19%), H/B(15%) Skunk
Highlands Turkey 28 P/S(57%), B/B(25%), H/S(18%) Turkey
Hog-Nosed Bat 24 P/P(42%), H/S(21%), H/P(21%) Bat
Honey Bee 24 P/P(25%), H/H(21%), H/P(13%)
Horned Lizard 21 B/B(38%), H/P(33%), S/S(29%) Lizard
Horny Toad 21 H/B(67%), B/B(33%) Frog
Huge Toad 26 H/H(35%), H/P(31%), H/B(19%) Frog
Icespine Hatchling 34 P/B(47%), S/B(29%), H/B(12%) Skitterer
Imperial Eagle Chick 30 P/P(47%), S/S(20%), P/S(17%) Gull
Infected Fawn 29 P/B(66%), B/B(34%)
Infected Squirrel 34 H/P(68%), P/B(32%)
Infernal Pyreclaw 30 P/B(63%), S/B(20%), H/B(17%)
Infested Bear Cub 31 H/P(58%), H/H(42%)
Infinite Whelpling 43 P/P(44%), P/S(33%), P/B(23%)
Inland Croaker 25 P/P(52%), H/H(20%), B/B(12%)
Iron Starlette 62 P/P(40%), P/S(23%), H/H(19%)
Ironbound Proto-Whelp 29 H/H(66%), H/B(34%)
Ironclaw Scuttler 26 H/H(62%), P/P(38%) Scuttler
Irradiated Roach 21 H/H(29%), H/S(24%), H/P(24%) Beetle
Jade Crane Chick 25 B/B(64%), H/B(36%)
Jade Oozeling 33 P/P(67%), H/H(15%), H/S(9%) Oozeling
Jade Owl 27 P/S(63%), P/B(33%), B/B(4%)
Jade Tentacle 24 H/S(71%), H/B(29%)
Jademist Dancer 36 S/S(50%), H/S(19%), P/S(17%)
Ji-Kun Hatchling 26 P/B(69%), B/B(31%)
Jumping Spider 22 H/S(41%), H/B(36%), B/B(23%) Spider
Jungle Darter 22 H/B(59%), B/B(41%) Frog
Jungle Grub 24 H/S(54%), H/H(46%) Maggot
Junglebeak 33 P/P(52%), P/B(21%), H/P(12%) Junglebeak
Juvenile Scuttleback 24 P/S(33%), P/B(25%), H/S(25%) Scuttler
Kelp Scuttler 27 P/P(59%), H/H(41%) Scuttler
King Snake 22 H/S(59%), H/H(41%) Snake
Kovok 30 H/P(43%), H/S(40%), H/H(17%)
Kuitan Mongoose 22 S/S(64%), S/B(36%) Otter
Kun-Lai Runt 49 P/P(49%), P/S(35%), P/B(16%)
Lava Beetle 30 P/P(37%), H/H(30%), H/P(23%) Lava Beetle
Lava Crab 29 H/H(52%), H/S(24%), B/B(24%)
Leafy Flutterwing 22 S/S(64%), H/S(18%), H/B(9%)
Leatherhide Runt 22 H/H(64%), B/B(36%) Rhino
Leopard Scorpid 22 S/S(45%), P/S(27%), B/B(27%) Scorpion
Leopard Tree Frog 34 S/S(65%), B/B(21%), H/B(15%) Frog
Lesser Voidcaller 27 H/P(59%), H/S(15%), H/H(15%)
Leviathan Hatchling 34 H/P(56%), P/B(35%), H/B(9%)
Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar 45 P/P(40%), S/S(36%), H/H(24%)
Lil’ Bad Wolf 35 S/S(43%), P/P(31%), P/B(11%)
Lil’ Siege Tower 10 B/B(50%), H/H(30%), H/P(20%) Siege Engine
Lil’ War Machine 12 H/P(42%), B/B(33%), H/H(25%) Siege Engine
Little Black Ram 25 B/B(72%), P/B(28%) Ram
Living Sandling 33 H/P(48%), P/B(18%), H/H(18%)
Lizard Hatchling 22 S/B(36%), S/S(32%), B/B(32%) Lizard
Locust 23 B/B(43%), H/S(35%), S/S(22%) Beetle
Long-Eared Owl 27 P/P(41%), S/S(22%), P/B(19%)
Long-tailed Mole 21 B/B(57%), H/B(43%) Rat
Lost of Lordaeron 30 H/H(53%), B/B(47%) Apparition
Luyu Moth 22 H/S(41%), P/S(36%), B/B(23%) Moth
Mac Frog 23 H/B(57%), B/B(43%) Frog
Maggot 24 H/H(63%), B/B(38%) Maggot
Malayan Quillrat 26 S/S(31%), P/B(27%), H/B(19%) Hedgehog
Malayan Quillrat Pup 24 S/S(38%), S/B(29%), H/B(29%) Hedgehog
Mana Wyrmling 25 H/P(56%), P/B(24%), B/B(16%) Wyrmling
Marsh Fiddler 29 S/B(41%), H/S(41%), B/B(17%) Hopper
Masked Tanuki 24 P/B(50%), B/B(50%) Bandicoon
Masked Tanuki Pup 23 B/B(57%), S/B(43%) Bandicoon
Mechanical Axebeak 42 P/P(43%), S/S(24%), H/P(14%)
Mechanical Scorpid 42 S/S(52%), P/P(24%), S/B(10%)
Mei Li Sparkler 23 H/B(35%), H/S(26%), P/B(22%) Glowfly
Menagerie Custodian 29 H/P(41%), H/H(31%), H/S(28%)
Minfernal 43 P/P(28%), H/H(26%), P/S(21%)
Mirror Strider 26 H/S(42%), H/B(31%), B/B(27%) Water Skimmer
Mist Fox Kit 27 S/B(56%), B/B(44%) Fox
Moccasin 19 P/S(37%), B/B(37%), S/S(26%) Snake
Molten Hatchling 30 S/S(37%), S/B(23%), P/S(20%)
Mongoose 31 S/S(55%), P/S(45%) Otter
Mongoose Pup 30 S/S(67%), P/S(33%) Otter
Moon Moon 30 S/S(43%), P/P(30%), P/S(27%)
Moonshell Crab 34 P/P(38%), H/H(26%), P/S(24%)
Mossbite Skitterer 21 P/B(43%), S/B(29%), H/B(24%) Skitterer
Mountain Cottontail 30 S/S(47%), H/S(27%), B/B(27%) Rabbit
Mountain Skunk 25 H/S(44%), B/B(24%), H/P(16%) Skunk
Mouse 21 H/B(33%), S/S(29%), S/B(14%) Rat
Mud Jumper 27 H/B(63%), B/B(37%)
Mudback Calf 25 H/S(28%), H/P(28%), B/B(24%) Hippo
Mudshell Conch 27 H/P(56%), H/B(33%), B/B(11%) Snail
Nerubian Swarmer 31 S/B(61%), P/S(39%)
Nether Faerie Dragon 52 S/S(33%), P/P(27%), H/P(17%)
Nether Ray Fry 32 P/P(47%), S/S(19%), P/S(19%)
Nether Roach 26 S/S(31%), H/P(31%), H/S(23%)
Netherspace Abyssal 34 P/P(41%), H/H(38%), P/S(21%)
Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn 31 H/P(65%), H/S(35%)
Nexus Whelpling 57 P/P(58%), P/S(25%), P/B(18%)
Nightshade Sproutling 34 S/S(53%), P/P(12%), P/S(9%)
Nordrassil Wisp 41 S/S(54%), S/B(12%), P/B(12%)
Oasis Moth 25 H/B(48%), S/S(32%), S/B(20%) Moth
Oily Slimeling 29 H/S(28%), H/P(28%), H/H(28%) Oozeling
Olivetail Hare 26 S/S(19%), H/P(19%), S/B(15%) Rabbit
Ore Eater 40 S/S(48%), P/P(30%), S/B(10%)
Parasitic Boarfly 28 P/P(43%), H/P(21%), P/S(14%)
Parched Lizard 29 S/S(48%), H/P(28%), B/B(24%)
Parrot 27 S/S(33%), B/B(30%), P/S(22%) Parrot
Periwinkle Calf 28 H/P(61%), H/H(39%)
Phoenix Hawk Hatchling 25 S/S(68%), S/B(20%), H/B(12%)
Plains Monitor 26 S/S(50%), H/P(31%), B/B(19%) Lizard
Pocket Reaver 31 P/P(48%), P/S(26%), H/H(19%)
Polly 24 S/S(54%), P/B(25%), P/S(21%) Parrot
Prairie Dog 22 S/S(41%), S/B(32%), B/B(27%) Groundhog
Prairie Mouse 32 S/S(41%), B/B(25%), H/B(19%)
Pygmy Marsuul 30 S/S(50%), H/P(23%), P/B(13%)
Qiraji Guardling 52 S/S(35%), P/P(23%), H/H(15%)
Rabbit 32 S/S(38%), H/S(19%), H/B(19%) Rabbit
Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 34 P/P(32%), S/S(21%), H/P(18%)
Ragepeep 24 S/S(58%), B/B(38%), H/S(4%)
Rapana Whelk 29 B/B(48%), H/B(41%), S/S(10%) Snail
Rascal-Bot 26 S/B(62%), P/B(38%)
Rat 30 S/S(40%), S/B(27%), H/S(23%) Rat
Rat Snake 20 S/S(45%), B/B(30%), P/S(25%) Snake
Rattlesnake 23 H/S(52%), P/S(48%) Snake
Ravager Hatchling 28 P/P(46%), P/S(36%), B/B(18%)
Rebellious Imp 25 P/P(44%), P/S(40%), P/B(16%)
Red Dragonhawk Hatchling 25 S/S(56%), P/S(40%), B/B(4%) Dragonhawk
Red Moth 21 P/S(48%), H/B(38%), B/B(14%) Moth
Red-Tailed Chipmunk 19 S/S(32%), B/B(32%), S/B(26%) Squirrel
Redridge Rat 20 H/S(30%), B/B(30%), S/B(25%) Rat
Resilient Roach 24 S/S(25%), H/S(25%), H/P(21%) Beetle
Restless Shadeling 34 H/H(53%), H/S(47%)
Returned Hatchling 20 P/B(35%), H/B(25%), B/B(25%)
River Frog 23 P/P(43%), P/S(22%), H/B(9%)
River Otter 21 H/B(62%), B/B(38%)
Roach 24 H/P(29%), H/B(21%), S/S(17%) Beetle
Robo-Chick 37 S/S(24%), H/H(24%), P/S(22%)
Rock Viper 22 S/S(59%), B/B(41%) Snake
Rose Taipan 34 S/S(50%), P/P(21%), S/B(9%)
Royal Moth 26 P/S(54%), H/S(27%), B/B(19%)
Ruby Droplet 30 H/H(37%), H/P(30%), H/S(17%)
Ruby Sapling 28 H/H(43%), H/S(29%), B/B(29%)
Rustberg Gull 22 P/B(36%), B/B(36%), H/S(27%) Gull
Rusty Snail 20 H/B(70%), B/B(30%) Snail
Sanctum Cub 37 P/P(41%), P/B(27%), H/P(19%)
Sand Kitten 25 P/S(64%), S/S(36%) Cat
Sandy Petrel 27 P/B(37%), S/B(26%), B/B(22%) Gull
Sandyback Crawler 29 P/P(31%), S/S(24%), H/H(24%)
Sapphire Firefly 21 H/B(38%), P/B(29%), H/S(29%) Firefly
Savory Beetle 22 H/S(32%), S/S(27%), H/B(27%) Beetle
Scabby 22 H/P(55%), H/H(45%)
Scalded Basilisk Hatchling 35 H/S(74%), H/B(26%)
Scarab Hatchling 25 H/H(36%), H/B(24%), P/P(20%) Beetle
Scorpid 26 P/S(69%), B/B(31%) Scorpion
Scorpling 23 S/S(57%), P/S(22%), B/B(22%) Scorpion
Scourged Whelpling 46 H/H(67%), P/S(33%)
Sea Calf 25 P/B(32%), H/B(28%), S/B(20%)
Sea Gull 27 S/S(52%), P/B(37%), B/B(11%) Gull
Senegal 21 S/S(62%), B/B(38%) Parrot
Shack Crab 22 H/H(64%), H/B(36%)
Shadow Sporebat 29 H/H(52%), H/S(24%), B/B(24%) Sporebat
Shadowback Crawler 24 S/S(29%), P/P(25%), S/B(13%)
Shimmering Aquafly 32 P/S(44%), S/B(16%), P/B(13%) Waterfly
Shimmershell Snail 26 H/P(58%), B/B(31%), H/H(12%) Snail
Shore Butterfly 24 P/P(54%), S/S(17%), P/B(17%)
Shore Crab 28 H/H(54%), H/P(43%), B/B(4%) Crab
Shore Crawler 22 B/B(68%), H/P(18%), P/P(14%) Crab
Shrine Fly 33 S/S(24%), H/P(24%), P/S(15%) Glowfly
Shy Bandicoon 23 S/S(52%), P/S(35%), B/B(13%) Bandicoon
Sidewinder 23 S/B(39%), B/B(35%), S/S(26%) Snake
Sifang Otter 26 S/S(65%), B/B(19%), S/B(15%) Otter
Sifang Otter Pup 21 S/S(52%), S/B(29%), B/B(19%) Otter
Silent Hedgehog 22 H/B(73%), B/B(27%) Hedgehog
Silithid Hatchling 36 H/H(47%), H/P(36%), B/B(17%)
Silkbead Snail 28 H/S(57%), B/B(43%) Snail
Silky Moth 28 S/S(61%), B/B(21%), S/B(18%) Moth
Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling 27 S/S(74%), B/B(19%), S/B(7%) Dragonhawk
Sister of Temptation 37 S/B(38%), P/B(35%), H/B(19%)
Skittering Cavern Crawler 23 S/S(61%), B/B(39%) Spider
Skunk 22 S/B(36%), H/B(27%), B/B(23%) Skunk
Skunky Alemental 32 H/S(28%), H/P(22%), H/B(19%)
Sky-Bo 37 S/S(51%), P/P(49%)
Skyfin Juvenile 30 P/S(47%), P/B(20%), H/S(20%)
Skywisp Moth 29 P/S(55%), B/B(24%), H/S(21%) Nimbus Moth
Slithering Brownscale 22 P/S(36%), S/S(32%), B/B(18%) Snake
Slithershock Elver 42 S/S(50%), P/P(24%), H/P(10%)
Small Frog 23 B/B(65%), S/B(35%) Frog
Snake 26 S/S(65%), B/B(35%) Snake
Sneaky Marmot 29 S/S(69%), P/P(17%), H/B(14%)
Snobold Runt 29 S/S(38%), S/B(34%), H/S(28%)
Snow Cub 23 P/P(48%), P/S(43%), B/B(9%) Cat
Snowshoe Hare 20 B/B(25%), H/P(20%), H/B(20%) Rabbit
Snowshoe Rabbit 23 S/S(43%), S/B(39%), B/B(17%) Rabbit
Snowy Owl 28 P/B(43%), S/B(39%), B/B(18%) Owl
Softshell Snapling 29 H/S(55%), B/B(45%) Turtle
Spawn of Onyxia 36 P/P(56%), P/S(22%), P/B(22%)
Spectral Raven 26 S/S(23%), H/B(23%), P/S(19%)
Spectral Spinner 47 S/S(43%), P/S(30%), P/B(17%)
Spider 28 S/S(57%), B/B(29%), S/B(14%) Spider
Spiketail Beaver 27 H/P(48%), H/B(33%), B/B(19%)
Spiky Lizard 22 S/S(45%), H/P(45%), B/B(9%) Lizard
Spineclaw Crab 22 P/P(77%), H/H(23%)
Spiny Lizard 22 H/P(45%), S/S(27%), B/B(27%) Lizard
Spiny Terrapin 29 H/S(41%), B/B(31%), H/H(28%) Turtle
Spirebound Crab 26 P/P(69%), H/H(31%) Crab
Spirit Crab 34 H/H(71%), H/S(29%)
Sporeling Sprout 45 P/P(31%), S/S(20%), H/H(20%)
Spotted Bell Frog 21 H/B(62%), B/B(38%) Frog
Spring Strider 26 S/B(27%), B/B(27%), H/S(23%) Water Skimmer
Squawkling 22 S/S(59%), B/B(41%)
Squirrel 30 S/S(43%), S/B(17%), H/B(17%) Squirrel
Sticky Oozeling 19 H/H(37%), H/P(26%), H/B(21%)
Stinkbug 23 H/H(39%), B/B(35%), H/S(26%) Beetle
Stinkrot 31 P/B(39%), H/B(32%), S/B(29%)
Stone Armadillo 30 H/P(47%), H/S(30%), H/H(23%) Armadillo
Stormstruck Beaver 32 P/P(56%), B/B(44%)
Stormwind Rat 21 S/S(38%), P/B(24%), H/B(19%) Rat
Stowaway Rat 23 P/B(26%), S/B(22%), B/B(22%) Rat
Strand Crab 29 H/H(45%), H/P(41%), B/B(14%) Crab
Stripe-Tailed Scorpid 22 P/S(73%), B/B(27%) Scorpion
Stunted Shardhorn 28 P/P(57%), H/H(43%)
Summit Kid 26 S/S(50%), S/B(50%) Ram
Sumprush Rodent 25 H/B(64%), B/B(36%)
Sun Sproutling 33 P/P(33%), S/S(18%), P/S(9%)
Sunblade Micro-Defender 30 H/P(47%), H/S(33%), H/H(20%)
Surger 31 S/S(71%), H/S(29%)
Swamp Croaker 27 H/B(56%), B/B(44%)
Swamp Moth 21 H/S(38%), H/B(33%), B/B(29%) Moth
Swamplighter Firefly 23 P/B(35%), H/S(30%), B/B(30%)
Szechuan Chicken 26 S/S(46%), H/B(27%), S/B(15%) Chicken
Tainted Cockroach 22 H/P(36%), H/S(27%), H/H(18%) Beetle
Tainted Moth 21 P/S(48%), H/S(29%), B/B(24%) Moth
Tainted Waveling 28 H/B(46%), P/B(29%), S/B(14%)
Temple Snake 26 S/S(58%), P/B(42%) Snake
Terror Larva 31 H/H(58%), H/S(42%)
Thicket Skitterer 25 P/B(44%), S/B(20%), B/B(20%) Skitterer
Thornclaw Broodling 23 H/P(57%), B/B(43%) Broodling
Thundertail Flapper 25 H/B(72%), B/B(28%)
Tickbird Hatchling 20 P/S(45%), H/S(30%), S/S(20%) Gull
Tideskipper 27 H/P(41%), H/S(30%), H/H(30%)
Tiny Apparition 29 H/H(66%), B/B(34%) Apparition
Tiny Bog Beast 36 H/P(44%), H/S(39%), H/H(17%)
Tiny Harvester 37 P/P(24%), S/S(19%), H/H(16%)
Tiny Sporebat 25 H/H(44%), H/S(32%), B/B(24%) Sporebat
Tiny Twister 34 H/S(44%), H/P(24%), H/H(18%)
Tirisfal Batling 23 H/S(65%), S/B(17%), B/B(17%) Bat
Toad 24 H/P(46%), H/B(29%), B/B(25%) Frog
Tol’vir Scarab 21 H/S(52%), H/H(33%), H/B(14%) Beetle
Tolai Hare 26 H/S(27%), S/B(19%), S/S(15%) Rabbit
Tolai Hare Pup 23 B/B(26%), S/S(22%), H/S(22%) Rabbit
Topaz Shale Hatchling 26 H/S(38%), H/H(38%), B/B(23%) Shale Hatchling
Tree Python 25 P/P(44%), B/B(32%), H/P(24%) Snake
Tricorne 28 S/S(50%), P/S(43%), S/B(7%) Rat
Tundra Penguin 30 H/S(53%), H/P(47%)
Turkey 28 S/S(43%), H/B(39%), B/B(18%) Turkey
Turquoise Turtle 22 H/S(64%), B/B(36%) Turtle
Twilight Beetle 28 P/P(32%), H/P(25%), H/H(21%) Beetle
Twilight Clutch-Sister 38 P/S(53%), P/B(34%), S/B(13%)
Twilight Fiendling 33 P/P(45%), H/P(27%), H/H(15%)
Twilight Iguana 21 S/B(38%), S/S(29%), H/P(29%) Lizard
Twilight Spider 26 P/P(38%), H/P(31%), B/B(27%) Spider
Twilight Wasp 31 P/B(42%), S/B(29%), B/B(19%) Wasp
Unborn Val’kyr 52 H/H(56%), B/B(44%)
Undercity Cockroach 23 S/S(52%), H/H(22%), H/S(17%) Beetle
Undercity Rat 20 B/B(35%), S/S(25%), S/B(20%) Rat
Vale Flitter 26 P/P(42%), P/S(27%), H/P(27%) Nimbus Moth
Vale Marmot 18 P/P(28%), H/H(22%), H/P(17%)
Valley Chicken 23 P/P(39%), S/S(30%), P/B(9%)
Venomspitter Hatchling 24 H/H(46%), H/S(29%), B/B(25%) Spider
Violet Firefly 27 P/B(41%), H/S(26%), H/B(26%) Firefly
Void Shardling 30 S/S(47%), H/P(17%), P/B(13%)
Voidstalker Runt 22 P/S(50%), B/B(50%) Stalker
Voidwiggler 22 H/S(36%), H/H(32%), B/B(18%)
Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling 27 H/S(44%), H/H(30%), B/B(26%)
Warpstalker Hatchling 25 B/B(60%), P/S(40%) Stalker
Warpstalker Runt 21 P/S(57%), B/B(43%) Stalker
Water Snake 21 S/B(52%), B/B(48%) Snake
Water Waveling 27 H/S(56%), B/B(44%)
Waterfly 26 P/B(31%), B/B(27%), H/S(23%) Waterfly
Westfall Chicken 22 S/B(41%), P/B(32%), B/B(23%) Chicken
Wharf Rat 22 H/S(32%), S/S(23%), S/B(23%) Rat
White Moth 22 H/H(41%), B/B(36%), H/B(23%) Moth
White Tickbird Hatchling 22 S/S(41%), P/S(27%), H/S(23%) Gull
Wicked Soul 39 S/S(64%), P/S(26%), S/B(10%)
Widow Spiderling 21 P/P(33%), S/B(24%), H/S(24%) Spider
Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling 33 P/P(30%), P/S(15%), S/S(12%)
Wood Wasp 23 P/B(52%), S/B(22%), H/B(17%) Wasp
Yakrat 22 P/B(23%), H/S(23%), B/B(23%) Rat
Yellow Moth 31 P/P(71%), H/B(16%), B/B(13%) Moth
Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog 36 P/P(56%), H/B(22%), B/B(22%) Frog
Yellow-Bellied Marmot 25 S/S(40%), P/B(32%), S/B(12%) Groundhog
Young Sand Sifter 26 S/S(38%), H/H(23%), H/P(19%)
Young Talbuk 40 S/S(33%), P/P(18%), H/P(13%)
Young Venomfang 33 H/P(55%), P/S(39%), P/B(6%)
Zandalari Anklerender 44 S/S(34%), P/P(34%), P/B(18%)
Zandalari Footslasher 33 P/P(39%), S/S(33%), P/S(15%)
Zandalari Kneebiter 40 S/S(45%), P/P(33%), P/S(18%)
Zandalari Toenibbler 42 S/S(43%), P/P(31%), P/S(24%)
Zangar Crawler 28 P/P(61%), H/H(39%) Scuttler
Zooey Snake 25 H/S(56%), H/P(44%) Snake


(Post reserved for another table.)

(Vossprey) #7

Interesting stuff Gráinne! Adding a blue tag to this!


Thank you, Vossprey, but “interesting” is stretching it. Even the nerdiest of battlers might hesitate to go that far. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, one of the most common FAQs from people who have reached the stage of understanding breeds is “What breed of X should I get?” and it is useful to have some reference easily available, at least as a starting point for discussion. Now I will be able to link this when asked. :slight_smile:

There are also AAA’s recommendations:
which are the product of a lot of painstaking work, and are more user-friendly, but are presented as clear answers, and don’t represent the messiness of actual considerations and informed choices.

(Vintoleth) #9

not a pet battler, but am an achievement hunter and completionist, so unfortunately i do get dragged into pet battling :frowning:

a very extensive list, and makes you wonder why blizz themselves dont provide lists for such things, with us having to rely on wowhead and people like you.

ok, my posts purpose: you seem to be quite involved with pet battles as you’ve posted on a few posts in this section. i have the add ons pet tracker, and petjournal enhanced. in the past these have shown me what breeds are available, but i have noticed that a lot of the new BFA pets are only showing as NEW. i have updated these add ons but no luck.

as an example foulfeather and fozling are both showing as new to me, but above you have details for their breeds. is there any quick way i can tell if they are duplicates so i can just sell the pets if they are. this is the time when the pets would sell for the most probably. also, it would help me know which to keep or sell if there are more than 3 breeds. i know you can see if they are different as lvl 1, but you have to check the stats on each one, and also, this is no indication what breed they will be at 25. many thanks.


Get or update the addon Battle Pet Breed ID

That’s what does the breed calculations that derives the breeds shown.

There can be a problem determining the stats of a Level 1, because the exact stats may be fractional, but are displayed in integers, so it is possible that two different breeds might display the same integers, because the stats are low enough that they aren’t separated enough (like 6.9 and 7.4 will both round to 7 when displayed).

However, speaking specifically to the 8.0 and 8.1 drop and vendor pets, all or nearly all of them have only one breed. I don’t think any has multiple breeds. (Can anyone think of one that does?)

Edit: … oh, apparently Needleback Pup does. It’s odd they did that, when all the rest are single-breeds

(Vintoleth) #11

i dont have battle pet breed id, but will pick it up.

the Lil’War Machine (Horde only) bought from the Honorbound Quartermaster has 2 breeds (at least) i think. i only found this out by accident when i bought a second when i wasn’t concentrating. the two i have at lvl 1 are:
H161 P12 S9 and H158 P12 S10
for some reason this is not saying NEW, but both show as p/h breeds, with add on saying that it comes in 2 breeds: h/h and p/h. im guessing i have p/h and h/h and its just a bug saying that i have 2x p/h. but like you said, hard to tell at lvl 1.

oh and ty xD


You’re right; those two have both H/H and H/P breeds, and B/B

According to

H/H: 168/11/9
H/P: 161/12/9
B/B: 158/12/10

but according to Battle Pet Breed ID, there is no B/B.

These contradictions happen every new patch, when new pets are created. The available breeds are not given by Blizzard in their API, so as new pets are issued, sites and addon makers have to wait for people to actually get some to see what breeds are possible.

(Vintoleth) #13

so in actual fact i might have the b/b breed, not h/h xD

aye they do, but they shouldn’t but i wont go into my usual spiel here as its not the place :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again, now onto Gnomeregan xD


Yeah, in fact I just checked, and found that my own Lil’ Siege Tower is B/B.

Which sucks. :frowning:

(Exris) #15

Dang - so’s mine. Thats a wasted stone then.

PS - who were the 27 people you chose to use to populate the roster?

We are all wondering if we were one of them!

I doubt I was one. I dont post much - am almost entirely absent from the other community forums - and I dont youtube either.

Iv thought about the youtube tho. I just dont think I can bring anything new thats not already out there. And even the most popular lke Disco’s is still rather niche. It is fun to watch tho - especially since he’s upgraded his computer to something that can hold > 10fps. It was getting painful…

(Exris) #16

UPDATE: lil’ siege tower is now unselectable for pet battles.

Maybe a hot fix incoming?

(Remte) #17

I’ve been levelling mine just fine. Are you sure you were on Alliance character?

Great job, Gráinne. Although if I’ve been ever considered there, I don’t like I couldn’t have leveled some neglected wild pets in time! :joy: I can see others might have neglected them too. It’s a good requirement, otherwise irrelevant duplicates would’ve been caught.
Good points on the moveset clones aswell. Some may min-max all of them, some might get them randomly, the others might aim for diversity. I’m usually in the third camp unless I really need a copy (e.g. snails), wonder what the other folks (especially PvP-oriented) think.

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