Question about Chromie time

"Last month, I started playing WoW again after being away from the game for a long time. My girlfriend is also trying out the game. However, she hasn’t bought the last expansion or the War Within yet. Our plan is to first finish all the questlines in Pandaria, with her playing as a hunter and myself as a mage.

Before she started playing with me, I leveled a druid, and at level 60, I received a quest for the Dragon Isle. After that, I was back in the current timeline and easily defeated everything in Draenor. Sadly, that marked the end of the enjoyable experience I had during leveling.

Now, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will she be kicked out of Chromie time when she reaches level 60 and returns to Orgrimmar, even though she doesn’t have the latest expansion yet?
  2. Can she select a new timeline with Chromie time once she reaches level 60?"

Chromie time is available at level 60, although Chromie’s UI kinda acts like it doesn’t, so it has to be accessed by choosing the correct dialogue

  • “I have a question about Timewalking Campaigns.”
  • “What timeline should I choose?”
  • Then choose the option you want and ask to be put there

This should work as long as the character didn’t level past 60.

If you want to quest together there’s the option of party sync to scale you down. If you generally want Chromie time access on an account with dragonflight I suggest disabling experience gains at 59 (you can’t do that at 60).

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Thank you so much, for explaining. I just checked and it is working. It is a pitty that my druid has past the point where i can disable experience, however this is great advice for future characters.

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