Question about nobility and knighthood

Greetings Argent Dawn, I once again come to you with a question that I would love to hear your opinion of!

So, this question occurred to me after reading through the thread about house guilds, and the discussion about nobility in that thread, aswell as something that happened to me in rp, basically someone telling Desartin that because he is a knight, he is therefor automatically also nobility.

So without further ado: Does becoming a knight automatically raise you to nobility aswell?

You atleast get to place the title of “Sir” or “Dame” in front of your name, but other than that it is still a bit vague. Anyhow, I’d love to hear what you all think!


For the simple reason that there’s a lot of knights that Stormwind deploys and I refuse to believe the nobility would allow their class to be sullied by every jumped up gutterdweller who learned how to point a lance.


I don’t think any gutterdweller would get knighted

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Yeah personally I find it hard to believe aswell considering the sheer amount of knights we see in the games. However I also imagine that if it -is- true they’d atleast polish said gutterdweller up until he or she fit within the class.


He said it better.

There are knights with the title of ‘sir’, perhaps indicating that they are at least above mere commoners. But by and large your average knight is little more than a mounted footman.


What I want to know is how knighthood works in blood elves. Blood Knights must be named after something, right? I doubt they just saw the humans and took inspiration from them; I feel like elves in general are too haughty for that. Are there regular knights who are not paladins, in blood elf society? It’s quite unclear.

And here’s, seemingly, a draenei knight:

The Reliquary seemingly have knights, if we assume this one isn’t a Blood Knight:


“Knight” is a military rank in the World of Warcraft, commoners can definitely gain the title through hard work and success in battle, or a heroic deed, as is painfully evident in the sheer amount of “Knight” NPCs around Stormwind/in battles.

However, I believe there’s a difference between being knighted by the Royal Family and a nobleman/knight.

The lore on the subject is not entirely clear so I think people can pick and choose a bit, most people love playing the trope of a knight that has lost their lands/their kingdom, for good reason! Who doesn’t want to be a knight?


I don’t think so. As far as I can see, knights in Warcraft lore are generally just some sort of specialized army unit that upholds values related to the Light.

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I think I will just go ahead with the same direction as I did when Des answered the person who thought he was noble. “You know, that is an interesting idea, but I honestly doubt it.” Leaves it up for speculation a bit but ultimately means little. Des himself is of common birth and that is what he will probably remain, Knight’s title or not.

And actually, now that I think of it, Des was knighted by the Argent Crusade back in the day, an organisation that is not a nation in it’s own right, so gaining nobility through that would’ve been a bit silly. And I doubt he’d get the title upon rejoining the Alliance either :stuck_out_tongue:

Knights are Officer ranks in the Alliance, going by that one book/plaque in Stormwind. It’s not a position of inherent nobility, of course.

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As others have already pointed out, no Knighthood doesn’t automatically mean you are now nobility. I do, however, think that a knighthood should mean a bump up in terms of your character’s social standing. A knight has accomplished something so it would be natural to have that reflected in how people approach a character. It’s only flavour but I do think it’s a nice extra layer to RP when titles and accomplished are taken into account when interacting IC, as long as it’s done organically and never done to any extremes.


Knights and Dames are not considered part of the Peerage IRL. This may be an easy hint / grant a fair assumption that they aren’t part of it in WoW either.

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Seeing how the BC-era Blood Knights largely feel like mocking the ‘traditional’ paladin ways with the entire draining a captive Naaru thing and committing immoral acts in their class quests, I would expect them to pick the name just to mock human Knights and everything they stand for.


So cool. So, so cool. From what I can tell it’s more like an Order rather than any feudal nonsense, you’re an Initiate and seem to progress up through various ranks. Sathrynn here is trying her darnedest to even be accepted into their number as an Initiate, at present she’s just calling herself a Squire and trying to act as knightly as possible.


Step one: find a dead blood knight and steal a trinket off their corpse

No, really


Well, generally speaking you have your knights of the silver hand representing paladins in human society. They’re given respect and responsibility by their anointment, not raised to feudal lords. Whatever political sway they have comes from the church, not the king.

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