Question about Rank 14 weapons in TBC

will those weapons get removed from vendors upon TBC launch 2june?
thx in advance.

Why do you care? Once the gate opens you can earn better stuff within a couple hours of playtime anyway

because if the weapons are getting removed from vendor? I’d buy them right now(for looks) instead of saving the honor/marks.

so please any answer on this?

If you are into PvP or Arena, I’d save the honor for later, but it’s your desicion :wink:

Honor’s getting reset on release. Marks are not.

so Honor is not resetting, & my question is about If the Rank14 weapons are getting removed from vendor or not!

Edit: by mistake, I created this topic in classic Instead of classic-TBC, can any moderator move it?

What are you taking about man

my question is so simple!

will i be able to go to honor vendor And buy lvl 60 Grandmarshal swords after 1june?
blizzard is removing them from vendor with TBC release?

Yes, yes you can.

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