Question for Draenei character's background

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I was wondering.. How long was the trip from Draenor to the crash on Azeroth exactly ? I want my character to be born on the Exodar and to know Azeroth as her only "home" but i'm afraid she'll be too young to have fought in BC all the way to BfA.
What do you people think ?

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Hmm, reading up on it, it doesn't really seem to have a travel timeline:

But I think you could treat it as a Dr. Who case, as the Exodar in some way resembles The Tardis:

As for such I think you could maybe put a twist in like River Songs case
((Well not as twisted as her background story, but regarding birth))

As for the battle experince I don't know how you could combine a very young draenei, I think you'll have to read up extra on that.
Maybe this link (and the sentence at the bottom) can help clear up on the age for your char:
I'll do just that. Thank you for your time.
My Draenei is 60,000 years old it takes hundreds of years to reach adulthood, to make a juvenile have small or little tentacles and head ornaments
All that is known is that the Exodar was sabotaged by the Blood Elves even before the Draenei took off on it. So the Exodar was basically crashing from the moments the Draenei stole it from Tempest Keep up until it landed on Azeroth.

No exact information on how long that was, but I assume a ship does not crash a very long time. It would be hard to be a Draenei born only on the Exodar.

It is not specifically mentioned, but many do assume Draenei to physically age about the same speed as most humanoids, but that they are practically immortal because of either their ties to the Light or some kind of Arcane bond they share with the Eredar.

What is unknown though, is the exact time between the sacking of Shattrath and the start of TBC. A very young Draenei could by now have been born a few years before that event and be of adventuring age. So basically having no real memories of Outlands before it was destroyed.

Hope that helps!

It would be safer to state it was born on Draenor. Persumably it’s like it is with elves, they reach physical maturity at the age humans does but since they’re so long lived you wouldn’t be seen as “adult” by your kind until you’ve experienced life a bit. I would personally not go under 100 years for someone who’s basically immortal but I think you should go with 30-40 at least, just my opinion. Then you would have been born right before or around the destruction of Shattrath if I interpret the timeline corrrectly, but would have been one of the refugee children, an as such being able to start adventuring sometime on Azeroth.

A side note, please refrain from using “human years” in your description, it doesn’t make sense. If you want to be equivalent to a 30 yo human in regards to how they think and view the world from their own race’s perspective, be a few hundred years, if you want to be the equivalent to a human who just left puberty and “look adult” but are not really there mentally, be around 20 as humans.

It’s suggested the took the Exodar from the blood elves, tried to drive it and blood elves sabotaged it and it crashed. The events are almost instant, and they happened soon before tBC launches. So a character born on the Exodar would be a child at best.

However, lightforged draenei were fighting the Legion on their ships for thousands of years. Those could have been born and fought their entire lives for a very long time, and only had a real home - on Azeroth - fairly recently.

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It is actually hinted that Draenei age slower.
First in Rise of the Horde where Durotan first meets as a child another Draenei child and when he comes decade later he sees the child again that did not grow any bit.
Second in Brazie’s Dictionary of Devilish Draenei Damsels where it is said that ripe young age for Draenei is 230.

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