Question to Feral mains

For PvE content: how would you feel if Sickle of the Lion wasn’t tied to Berserk but to Tiger’s Fury? If too OP than in slightly nerfed form.

(naturally, balanced accordingly in PvP so that it won’t break/destroy PvP balance)

That was one of the suggestions that people made after the nerf. Personally, I think it could work well because the damage could be weighted even more towards AOE by taking the predator talent, and AOE is our big weakness.

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I’m PvPer but I have mixed feelings.
My ideology is that cooldowns shouldn’t be that strong, so preferably, they should do very little, not multiple things at the same time.
But if we have cooldowns and they’re supposed to be strong (it is the case in SL now) then I’d prefer your suggestion. If cooldowns are supposed to be strong, then the lower the CD the better.
(Ofc having 1/5 of it’s power or however much so it makes sense DPS wise over 3 min or something)

Waiting another 2 minutes for Berserk feels super bad. I’d definately prefer baby dick berserk for it.

But as I said, ideally, all cooldowns should be weaker or low CD like TF.

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A big problem with Feral is that we don’t have a big burst aoe cd, Sickle fixes that, but if it would be activated on the short cooldown of TF, the same problem would occur.

Not really because it isn’t strong enough for what it is. Sickle is good enough AOE damage to keep up with other classes performing their normal rotation, but it isn’t good enough to count as a big AOE cooldown.

I think it would be too strong. But also so much is tied to TF already and in DF, TF has like 3 talents tied to it…
I prefer to jus have a new talent or spell for AoE because it will make balancing easier in the future compared to cramming soany stuff in one button. Example being Rip that cant be buffed because it will affect PF…
Also a small nitpick I am still used to being able to cast Berserk and TF from stealth but now with Sickle I break Stealth and cant benefit from a strong Rake :’(

The fix to our AoE is easy. Primal Wrath baseline and give it its own DoT / make it mutually exclusive with regular Rip (but not overwrite regular Rip). Then we can tune it until it makes sense. Remove Brutal Slash and buff Shred also so we can have Swipe not suck too.
We would still suffer from having back-loaded dmg, but that’s fine, not every spec needs to excel at everything

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Separating PW from rip is what I’ve been suggesting all along, but it seems like it would be far too sensible for the devs.

Another easy adjustment that would buff our AOE for the rest of SL, while having only a marginal effect on ST, would be to adjust the CD reduction of the 2-piece so we get berserk more often.

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