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Hello Hordies!

As on of your favourite gnome Honorable Kills I have one small question to all of you! When the battlegrounds are released will you still be camping every flight path possible and making a death squads (raids) on every zone there is in order to farm honor?

Please don’t consider this question as an assault or anything, the current situation is commonly known with the “Horde : Alliance” ratio here. I just want to know whether it will finally be possible to farm some herbs, finish the quests in EPL or visit the instances in less than 30 minutes run with 7 deaths on the way?

Are you gonna switch to BG and wait in the cities or continue to farm honor in open world? Maybe the numbers in open world will at least decrease a little? Or you could at least skip camping the flight points? :slight_smile:

Any information will help!
Piece and out! <3

Now, im not a horde. Im actually just a frustrated alliance like yourself.
but i dont think it will stop as the horde outnumber the alliance more and more for each day, so their BG queues will be long.
long queues means theylll farm honor somewhere else.

I am not frustrated anymore because as the classic says if you can’t change something just get used to it and love it. So I just wanted to ask about their plans (bigger guilds etc).

Dickheads are on the both sides so it’s not that issue, I was just curious is the situation will change significally or it will rather be the same.


Its very unfortunate that situation like this appeared at all. While i was leveling(leveled in 5 weeks or so), it felt quite balanced, maybe slight favor of few percent of horde ratio but it wasnt like significant or noticable at all. But it seems way more people on alliance stopped playing while leveling or after hitting the cap. I don’t see many nicknames i used to see thats unfortunate. Even while watching guildlist(on horde), many people logged in last time 3 weeks-2 month ago and were level 60 or close to 60. Many used to start raiding with us but stopped after 2 or 3 MC clears to play classic at all or rolled alliance or i don’t know, no news at all.
Wish there was some solution like buffing alliance racial to encourage players to select alliance or free faction change for horde players. It was no fun to run around solo in phase 2 and find only one or 2 alliance players in 30 minutes in the open world, or find and mostly ignore alliance guy who’s on level. Unfortunately even if you ignore killing low lvl alliance player he’ll be killed by some other farmer in next 2 minutes, feels unplayable.

Nothing will change. BG queues for Horde will be massive.

All because Blizz allowed minority players to transfer.

There won’t be any ques for Hordes, since BG’s will be shared between realms.

And guys, since the patch is now live, and I am bound to my office desk at work and unable to play now (damn it!) how is it looking? The queues are long? Honor(less) campers abandoned the flight points? Or is it still pretty much the same?

I hope it improved!

It is too early yet to make any statement on this point man. Server time is just around dinner, most people are at work or studies. At 7-8 PM it will be possible to make some statement

So the situation now is very very good, I hope it will stay long enough. Now the “world” is open again for both factions! During yesterday ofc I faced some PvP but it was really really good (1v1, 1v2, 2v1). I didn’t find any raid occupying flight points.

Keep it up horde!

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For good or ill, AV more or less killed wPvP and kinda made WSG pointless the moment it got launched.

AV grind is way more honor/hour than anything else in the game currently (in addition to some nice rep-items), so the only ones who do actual wPvP now are those who do it because they actually think it’s fun, while the honorfarmers and rankers are doing AV.

Leveling past lvl 48 should be tolerable now, and the open world a little less bit dangerous.

So much for the whiny “BG’s won’t change a thing”-crowd.

Problem is i farmed 2 hours alterac and its 30k honor in first day :slight_smile: yesterday had raid day - already honorbuddy shows that i dropped from rank 6 3% to rank 5 47%. Classic ranking system and pve grind of alterac is meh.

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