Questionable Outcome is a Horde Guild looking for more Dps of all kinds, A tank that doesn’t mind switching to dps (If your a HUGE Healer we also may consider a placement). We are primarily a Hc (aotc) raiding guild, we currently have a ex Mythic Raid leader calling the shots. we do also run M+ with some members pushing higher keys. (up to around +24)

We currently have a mixed group of players ranging from previously Mythic raiders to more casual. Even if you don’t want to raid we still welcome socials. We appreciate anyone with a good sense of humour that’s up for a laugh!
(note we are NOT a hardcore raiding guild)

Between raids we often farm old content, achievement runs and some light pvp, also many of our players have secondary games they like to play other than wow. :slight_smile:

If you want more info you can message me here or on discord: WEEZY PEANUT#7723

Would like to emphasise we’re in need of a TANK that can off spec to dps 1/2 nights a week. and also LF Unholy DK and various Ranged classes

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