Questions regarding forming guild on server

Hey Silvermoon folks!

Basically I am looking to rebuild a former guild but cannot choose the “right” server, the guild itself will look to continue claiming AotC as a main focus with shorter raid times. My main issue is that I want to be as sure as possible when picking the server for the guild, I am fully aware of how difficult it is to start a new guild with the above aims.

What I would like to know is the chances of successfully building up the guild on this server, knowing that there is many other guilds with similar aims but different raid times. The initial recruitment process where any level player is welcome, I would expect Silvermoon to have an abundance of new players or rerollers.

We previously played on Draenor which I guess is the mirror image of Silvermoon but sadly the toxicity we encountered over the years has left a bad feeling towards remaining there.

The general attitude of players and guilds already situated there (Is it a good server option for returning/new players), can a small guild such as ours outlast the initial forming. I do know what to expect as the original guild lasted from mid Legion to mid SL so the effort from leadership will be constant.

Just basically looking for helpful advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Fowler!

Nice to hear that you’re thinking of Silvermoon to re-start a guild. The more choice there is, the better it is for the community to find the perfect fit!

I’d say it all depends on your availability and dedication. If you’re willing to make it your part-time job for some time, it’s quite easy and fulfilling. You just need to be sure on your goals and who are the people you’re looking for, and make sure everyone wants the same. There’s nothing wrong with people having different goals, don’t take someone just because they’re looking for a guild.

By being picky on guildmembers, and not making recruitment free-for-all, you avoid toxicity, and the players feel valued.

But it all comes down to your availability and goals. Silvermoon is a great place to start a guild, and the forums are an amazing tool for recruitment at AotC level.

Wishes of great adventures,

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Thanks you so much for the positive reply Dostoievski,

We’ve spent a few days looking at Silvermoon, checking the trade chat, watching SW activity and of course these server forums. Your reply confirmed that this may be the best place for us to rebuild.

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We’ve gone through a similar process - our guild started with a core of players who know each other since a while back, and more were recruited along the way including me. Our goals have been to have a social, non-toxic guild with a casual level of commitment and after a while we set our mind to the goal of AOTC (not just raiding normal). What we’ve needed all this time is constant recruitment. We never get enough people for a stable raiding guild, we’re always a small raid group. But we now have a larger core of people, and many who will casually drop in and join a night or a few weeks, so in the past few months we’ve really gotten somewhere when it comes to guild stability. The situation is still the same though: almost every week, officers worry over filling up the raid, and work to do so. We have only very rarely canceled a raid though. To me it shows what we have to work with (a lot, there are many interested and fitting people), and what work we have to do (a lot, but it pays off).


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