Queue for Battlegrounds from Anywhere

The random battleground queue and reward was added, because the marks of honor were removed. The random battleground reward is the compensation for not granting marks anymore. In tbc these marks encouraged players to play diverse bgs. In wotlk it was the random battleground queue, at least after the marks got unobtainable.

Awesome for the update, dont have to be by the npc.

You can’t do a random bg queue below max level. And PvP always had to queue up for battlegrounds, that’s how it works.

Nobody cares about your pve minigame. PVP is where it is at, and Blizzard rightly cater for the hundreds of thousands of PVPers

Oh wait…

I think you read that wrong. I read that as Blizzard catering to Asmongold’s opinions. Nothing else.

Regardless. Still no need to steep as low even if you’d be right.

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Nobody PvE’s. I forgot that. Terribly sorry… :person_facepalming:

Lovely. 10char

If you think it crossed a line, report it. Never knew the word muppet was so horrible, always something new to learn on the wow forums.

That’s good news. Thank you for listening.

I’m hoping there is more good news to come such as the implementation of Random Dungeon Finder.


Can you top it all off by fixing the ‘lag’ issue faced on some servers? Doesn’t matter if it’s a queue or whatever, but there has been little to no more said on what might be possible to fix the issue. This can’t keep going on into WoTLK release, if you’ve introduced some bad code along the way in the pre-patch, please just man up and talk about it.

Silence kills.

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15 minutes is enough, that’s the amount of time we’d waste in a turtle game of AV.

Everything is reportable if you hurt somebody’s precious feelings. I’ve just got back from a week long ban for saying “You didn’t get enough attention as a child, did you?”

It’s mostly about popularity though. If you find a forum poster that isn’t well liked (Dottie, or myself would be a good example), you can pretty much call us whatever you want without any auto-moderator doing anything.

We don’t have premades like you

I didn’t say it was horrible did I? Still an uncalled for insult, even if it’s a “small” one.

You can and always have been able to. You can look for a group while questing and exploring, did you drop a few screws? You will also explore the world when having to travel to the dungeon (assuming you are not getting summoned like a baby to every one of them)


Perhaps you should also stop your own insults then before telling others what to do?

Except this is not hypocrisy, at all. The only way for people to play battlegrounds is through the queue system. You’re literally forced to stop questing if you want to PvP. Unlike with dungeons, where you can list yourself, continue to quest and explore the world while forming a group.

I am super happy about this. Right now, time to destroy DKP (GDKP dunno whatever it’s name) sellers

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RDF is bad.

RBGF is good.


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thank youuu

Why wasn’t this change tested on the Beta? Seems awfully late for a pretty substantial change.