Queue system bugged

There are 3 issues with an easy fix in my opinion:

We can’t paste anything in the window “Choose your role”… I know we get same text when joining same dungeon, but most often people just want to join a +X dungeon , doesn’t matter which, so a copy paste so we can easy say something about us in all queues we join would help, mostly when we do this so many times before being accepted by someone.

Again, when we click join and “Choose your role” window pops up, if someone declines us from an other dungeon or something changes in the chat (system message), or even randomly sometimes. It just closes your “choose your role” window.

2nd + 1st point when we are trying to enter again the same “details” about us before joining => in pushing all buttons randomly (cause window Choose your role closed and we are not typing anything, we are just opening all windows instead of actually writing a description). This is the most annoying from all 3 points.

There’s an option “Personal resource display”, which if you have it active and joining a mythic dungeon ( not sure about raid, but probably the same) and you die, next time you spawn with healthbar missing. And you have to /reload to make it appear again.

Sometimes it’s multiple times /dungeon, but at least 1 time happens in all of them

I’m not sure if this is the place for this kind of improvement suggestion, but would really help.

Not expecting any improvement of the max 5 dungeon queue at a time system, which is a maaasive waste of time for all of us, especially when we waste more than 30 min to join a dungeon, instead of just selecting which dungeon we want from a list and difficulty interval ( +17 - +20 for example) and that way We don’t spent 30min or more to just enter queue again and again and again. Nope, I guess this will not happen, but first 3 points are pretty easy fix.

Thank you,

Any status about this topic? Are they on track, rejected or anything?

Yes, it is buggy, also there is the fact, that you make the queue with description etc. etc. and whjile you have about 10-15 ppl on queue you invite ONE and the thing just drops. One might have thought that a bug happening since two years back would have been addressed… but no!

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