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Hello want to have my complain about the queues

what i find funny is that i pay 15 € a month for a game like wow classic

but i can’t even decide when i can play it :confused:
i’m forced to be on server the whole day because if i get disconnected i need to wait hours to play again
this is NOT how i want to play a game
i can’t play the whole day and i come to my pc sometimes every 30 min so i don’t get disconnected however it wasn’t 30 mins yet and still got disconnected

this is ridiculous now i’m at 12000 position and 500 mins waiting time !!!

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Customer Support has nothing to do with queue times. Your thread may be moved.

You paid for gametime which grants you access to the realms beyond the starter edition restrictions. And as a bonus, WoW classic.

Everyone is in the queue, yes it sucks. But Blizzard is already on the case;

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

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