Quick Fixes to make M+ fun & less toxic

after much consideration i think i have couple ideas and suggestions that hopefully will make the next season (or current one) more enjoyable and less toxic

  • remove key depletion, make people try over and over to time their key whats the harm.

  • adjust how score are being implemented, im tired of seeing players failing to do mechanics of a dungon on lower keys like for example +16 AV, and having their score around 2500s because they timed high keys on SBG and COS respectively

  • Alt friendliness - make primal chious account-wide or trade 5 for 1, our mains got tons of it and no use for it

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Remove affixes. And if you hate failers make your own group

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I would just make the keys flexible, for example if you have done a SBG at +15, you then can choose to any key in SBG from 2 to 15, but not higher, you can join higher keys, but at same time if you only done a +10 nok, you can not choose to do a +15 on your key, but you can join higher keys of others.

this meens you can not make a group for a +20 jade if you only done a +5. this would make things easier, in the way, that none actualy can have a key for a dungeon they never done on a high key as it is now.

Sounds good! I’m up for anything that removes key depletion to some degree. Free choice of which key to run would be even better.

Yes, key depletion/downgrading must go away. I’m one of those who mainly use my own key and try to form good groups (like soothe-class on raging, a priest on bursting and so on). It can take a lot of time to form a group. But then it shows you invited people that just don’t care about others. As an example, the tank pull more mobs than he/she or the healer can handle, the whole groups die and they leave because they think the key wont be timed. Then they apply to the next key (maybe at the same key level). Meanwhile, I lost a key level. Key depletion/downgrading disrespects our time.

And its get even worse when you have a 20 key and someone leaves for whatever reason. There’s no problem in finding players for a 20. But when your key downgrades to 19, there’s kinda hard to find people. You get the same ilvl in vault for doing +18 and +19. So people rather join a +18 to fill their vault.

Or just remove/rework affixes. Problem solved.

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couldn’t agree more

leader would disband the group very quickly into the dungeon if things don’t go perfect. That is probably the reason why a key depletes.

Maybe it would be better to not drop a key level

  1. if someone left the group
  2. negative timer is below 5 minutes

something like that maybe.

you do not have 2500 score because you timed SBG and COS… you can maybe inflate your score by like 100-200 if you run those dungeons 5 levels higher than other keys, but aside from that nope.
Also interesting enough, while the SBG timer is very forgiving it doesnt prevent the massive failing that occurs on the last boss. So if you time SBG on a high key, it still means you know the mechanics and did somewhat dmg.
COS timer on the other hand is not super duper forgiving and the amount of potatoes dying to the first boss is crazy high.

If anything you should remove getting score from depleted keys.

The biggest reason why a lot of 2k or maybe even 2.5k players are absolute crapperoni is because they were boosted and that wouldn’t change if you change scoring.

It is also a reason why you still download raider. io addon and check how many timed keys a player has in the range you are running. if someone has 2k score but on 10 timed 10-14 keys, they either ran very efficiently (only possible as tank) or they were booooosted for sure.

primal chaos can already be changed 80 → 60
the problem is also not really getting the ilvl 392 item (aside from massive gold costs if you do that on many chars like me lol), but you have to run 50+ key 10+ dungeons and 50+ key 16+ dungeons to upgrade that crap AND pay a metric ton of gold to find someone. People whisper me to upgrade lariat to 405 cost 20k gold…
If you want to make it a little more alt friendly, the infusions should be made account wide, because then maybe you could skip the 10-15 range upgrade stuff.

but then again I am running 16s on my main with under ilvl 400 so it is ok I guess? the loot acquisition chance is just atrocious, be it on my or alt.

Thats where Diablo III was a masterpiece. In creating new way of making things better - which then they moved over to WoW.

Rifts/keystones/adventure modes with WQ were all basicly DIII inventions and DIII was mostly some kind of beta testing for all things that would be implemented in WoW at some point.

After having few silliness with what key you get, DIII at some point in history has let you do any key in the range you already did and above that you could go for example +1 or so and I do think this is beautiful.
So yeah, I do agree on this.

Regarding primal chaos, you can send them on your alts.

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