Quitting angle?

No hunter fix in sight, been a dead class for 8 months, words


Yep. It is just sad.

If something substantial doesn’t happen by the end of next season I will not resub ( and I’m sure I won’t be the only one).

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Well hunter was performign fine during 10.0 but 10.1 has been pretty messy and Blizzard just don’t seem to be arsed about doing anything about it.

They got time to fix their mage mistakes. hunters money not as good as mage money, hunters where they want them. can i get my money back for the entire expansion & 8 months of sub, didnt know hunter wasnt supported by blizzard

I’ll tell you what Blizzard has done in the 8 months since the expansion.
When he had made the Hunter Bm really competitive with 10% more damage than the KC, just after a week they removed it again…
Meanwhile I have not seen any nerf of Paladin, SP and other classes defined as META.
But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pointless to complain in this forum because Devs team doesn’t read or because it’s not interested on our class.
There is a clear separation between the META and non-META classes and for me, and I emphasize for myself, there shouldn’t be this difference and the ability to play should be rewarded without only certain META classes being arbitrarily advantaged.
This is just my thought.


Paladin: https://www.wowhead.com/news/upcoming-retribution-paladin-nerfs-on-live-servers-332351

SP: https://www.bluetracker.gg/wow/topic/eu-en/454732-class-tuning-incoming-28-june/

Fire mage pretty strong right now, hence: https://www.bluetracker.gg/wow/topic/eu-en/457784-mage-tuning-incoming-19-july/

If you put a wowhead bot on your discord server you can get pinged when any class tuning happens.

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I am aware of it.
I wrote wrong because I should have written “Consistent Nerfs” but I had taken it for granted since we are talking about really mild nerfs…
We also talked about it here regarding the Priest:

Same thing on the paladin.
Do you consider the 3% a real Nerf since after the rework this class has become OP and META?

The Fire mage corrected the nerf as it’s definitely exaggerated right now.

Well like you say, you just said ‘any nerf’ which is why I linked above.

But 3% off ret along with a bunch of defensive stuff is completely fine. Ret is definitely not too strong at the moment. 0 rets in the top 100 timed keys, compared with almost all of them being fire/aug/SP. So it depends how loose you define ‘meta’ I guess, but ret certainly isn’t one of the absolute strongest right now.

I consider META all classes that generally perform better than the Hunter or classes comparable to it, both from a defensive and damage point of view.
For me (so I go by feeling) Enh Shaman, Dudu Balance, Priest Shadow, Paladin Retry, probably the Rogue sub and certainly more after the next rework are classes that are placed on a higher step and I define them as META.
And they have been, except for the Shammy, reworked and have received more attention from the developers.


You always move the goalposts when facts prove inconvenient.

And to show that I was aware of it I also posted an old post by Jerby where he talked about the Priest’s Nerf after my question.
I also wrote that I wrote it wrong…
But why do you always think badly of people?

That’s loose enough to count as unravelled.

In the sense that it’s too general as statement?

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Or 3. Both.

WoW starting to remind me of the new 'Fast X´ movie, total trash, current state now post-patch is a running joke in a pink clown suit

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Still could be worse, could be World of Warcraft: Tokyo Drift (i.e., Shadowlands).

Defintly would be, being better then hunter dont make you meta.

Meta is referred to by the speccs which are used in the most ideal comp. I.e

Current meta is Vengence DH / Holy paladin / Aug evoker / Shadow priest / Fire mage. Ofcourse you then have pug met (which this time round matchs the meta) and raid meta, which can defintly differ from. M+ then pvp meta which again can change.

Ofcourse as far as im aware ironically hunter isnt meta in any of the game modes above haha

You right.
A step below Meta such as Dudu Balance,Enh Shaman,Warlock Destro,Paladin Ret, from the point o view of dps,def Cds,and utility.
This classes are anyway better then Hunter.

Well thats the totem pole effect sadly. Someone must always be last.

Ive been getting reasonable success out of survival in m+ so far only returned to this guy for a week or so.

But our defensives are limited and utility dont rly exist which adds extended issues in this situatiob

quitting angle is 90° (just around the corner)

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