R1 eligibility in 3v3

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3050 is not even remotely close to r1.


u are wrong horde cutoffs are 3022 aliance cutoffs are 3060


you have to win 150 games on your current faction


Thank you Drae, i did win 273 times on Horde in that case i should be fine even though i xferred to another realm

(Bloodlock) #8

Have they been released now?

(Wajoba) #9

Here you go :slight_smile:

(Bloodlock) #10

Aye, much apreciated. :grinning:

How come they are so low tho? I havent’t checked the ladder recently but last time i looked there were people on 3,4k and stuff- Oo

(Nerfrmx) #11

3050 is not even close to what the final cut off will be

(Dameg) #12

its because the amount of ppl playing this season has gone up by a stupid amount.

my guess is it has something to do with pve players farming pvp for gear and things like that.

(Karanze) #13

Looks like you guys have something going for you then

(Spirl) #14

Just joining in to be toxic as hell? You literally had no idea about the cutoffs you just wanted to make him feel bad.


(Bloodlock) #15

Not really. But whatever floats your boat.

(Nerfrmx) #16

How is telling him the truth toxic lol

(Spirl) #17

it isn’t the truth at all check the link above

(Nerfrmx) #18

The link is the cut off from as of yesterday, if any1 of you ever pushed or watched glad/rank 1 cut off last week of a season you know it goes up by way more than 30 points

(Spirl) #19

He had no idea of what the cutoff was.
“Not even remotely close” I dont know if i call 10~ rating that far off.

(Nerfrmx) #20

I mean if he push 3,1 he has a decent shot at getting it, 50 rating is a lot at the top in my opinion tho

(Spirl) #21

I agree! but he had no idea about the cutoff when he posted “you are not even remotely close”

(Nerfrmx) #22

Ohh ye i get it now, didn’t see he didn’t know cutoff when he posted first comment

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