Racial stats and diminishing returns

Just a question about racial stats.

So say if you stack Versatility for pvp and you pick a kul tiran who has 1percent vers racial bonus. Does this count towards diminishing returns?

My mistweaver is Kul tiran and I think I’m
Above the cap. Just wondering if it’s a wasted racial and I’d be better changing to another race.

I guess brush it off is decent but I wonder if I’d be better as panda and take mastery food.

No it’s +1%, the diminishing returns is on the percent derived from combat rating.

Wait there’s still DR on stats? At what breakpoints, and how much % ?

I thought they were removed after SL

I think this guide explains it quite well, assuming it’s still accurate.


They have to put DR on rating stats or you could theoretically have over 100% Crit haste etc. Would you travel back in time with 101% haste…

100% haste just means you’re twice as fast, it doesn’t work how you think it works

True, I forgot haste has it’s own unique calculation. Crit then…

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