Racials in Shadowlands


So I’m going to reroll as BM in Shadowlands.
I’m thinking about going as Nelf or Human.
But what racials/race are/will be the best for Hunters in Shadowlands?

Hey there!
It depends, both have their own advantages/disadvantages. Every man for himself is useful for getting out of some situations, and Shadowmeld can be great for dropping threat (especially in M+). Personally, as a NE hunter myself, I really love Shadowmeld for open-world content, it means if I go through a zone I can pretty much run through mobs, get to my destination, and use it to drop all threat so I don’t need to engage in combat. Hunters already have this with feign death, but I really enjoy having two options to choose from, especially if feign death is on CD!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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