Raid Adjustments Discussion

There are limits in being competitive. If whole game is designed around competitivity then game is shallow.

PVE wise it’s literally only SSC and TK atm. You can enjoy all facettes of the game that are not competitive without any trouble. Farming gold, doing dungeons, collecting pets and other rarities like shirts - u know - the usual stuff. If you think raids are all there is to the game, no matter how you approach them, eventually the game will be shallow for you!

That would be case when Sunwell opens anyway.

What is had to do with anything I’ve said? I’m okay with competitive content, but it shouldn’t be relevant variable for making changes.

you have no argument. The competitive aspects of the game have to be designed in a way to make competition possible. If you change the tuning of the raids it makes comparing older raids with post-nerf raids impossible → you devalue the competition because you compete against less data. You suggested EVERYTHING in the game were to be designed around competititveness which I proved to be untrue. So whats your point?

Hello again! We’ve reached a decision.

We’re going to implement the previously-mentioned adjustments to Morogrim Tidewalker, Lady Vashj, and Kael’thas Sunstrider with weekly maintenance the week of December 14.

Thank you very much for your feedback and discussion. We really appreciate it.


Leave them as they are for the duration of TBC.


Imagine you could just put a raid on Hero/normal and have both version then nobody would cry :stuck_out_tongue:

But even then i don’t think guilds that don’t have clear would continue the non nerfed version .

Thanks for at least communicating your upcoming plans this time around instead of just going SURPRISE, WE ARE CHANGING STUFF like less than 24hrs before the changes go live.

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Now all the keyboard turners that need their hand holding by blizzard have their wish, they cried hard enough. Dont see why the nerf couldnt wait til phase 3 honestly


I know it´s probably not your call, but can you let go of the crybabys hands? Quite honestly, you guys over there suck the big one. Why not wait until p3 or will p3 be right there?

So phase 3 in december?

this is so bad. Why are you not introducing nerfs with the release of P3?!

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So you’re thanking us for feedback and discussions but didn’t go for any of the suggested (and 1000% better) alternatives, nor stick to the normal schedule? O…kay.

This is a terrible precedent to set. Do you not get that?

In EVERY raid from now on we will have your whims hanging over our heads, wondering when you feel like nerfing the final bosses and undoing that progression. That’s gonna be a treat.

Completely out of touch.


Why can’t you stick to “nerf previous content when next phase releases” ? Everyone was cool with the nerfs to P1 raids with the release of P2, why not keep it that way ? Does this mean we are going to get P3 on December 21st? Xmas Raiding?

Also, can you please clarify what you mean by “post-nerf configuration” on Kael’Thas?


Nerf it already, Lady vashj MC is bs imo.
TK is easy but nerf that too so ppl enjoy the game.

We all enjoy’d the wiping and screaming. Now relax

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idk we did 10/10 first week and im fine with these changes but they should have waited till phase p3

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Terrible to nerf bosses before next phase, make the trash easier instead so people can spend more time progressing on the bosses and kill them instead.
People dont want LFR difficulty in tbc for the current raids.


This sucks -.- You guys suck.
I have no idea which players you’re doing this for. It’s not the ones who are actually playing the game.


So true. Could not have said it better myself.

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