Raid Finder is fun

I queued three times today and each time I joined the awakened raid at least one boss was already dead, so no loot for me. I had to leave the instance and queue again, because otherwise I’d have to queue again anyway to kill that killed boss. And as I left I had a deserter debuff placed on me for 30 mins, just because I left a raid which had one or few bosses killed before I joined it. Like what is this? I thought, alright. I did some farming as I waited for the debuff to pass, but when it did and I joined another raid finder instance the issue was the same! Three times in total! Wanna fix that Blizz? People join raid finder raids only to have bosses killed before they joined, so they have to queue again for the same instance just to kill the killed bosses!

What Blizzard used to do was show you how many bosses were killed, because players saw this they simply opted not to join in progress raids. The result was progressive raids being stalled for reinforcements and new raids not formed by the raid finder.

They then changed it so if you join a raid and finish it, you will get priority for joining a fresh raid. You can repeatedly attempt to roll the dice but as you’ve seen: This will penalise you with a 30 minute debuff as intended.

Neither of those seem suitable. First of all the desertion penalty should be lowered, since people just go AFK for those 30 mins, then queue and quit a new raid as they please anyway.

Great! You understand that they are timed out and cannot do the content - that is the intended purpose of the deserter penalty! Therefore the time doesn’t need to be lowered.

That is their choice to get a new 30 minute penalty again, they could do the very LFR and get priority for a fresh one in the same 30 minutes had they not left.

Edit: You could suggest it through the ingame box.


Did it occur to you to do the wing you were put in and then queue again?

Same result without the deserter.

The alternative is you get in a fresh run, someone leaves and the spot never ever gets filled because “hurr durr fresh ruuuun!”

I wish people would think through the whole picture, a multiplayer game doesn’t get designed around only your wants and needs.


The lies that we choose to believe…

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Did it occur to you that I perhaps don’t want to queue for the same dungeon twice, just because Blizzard threw me in a half-cleared instance?

Yes as Dejarous said here:

Because of:

You simply need to read through their whole post. There’s a reason such systems are in place for better or worse and if you can’t accept that: That’s fine, make a suggestion through the ingame box.

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Well said.