Raid ID is killing the game

Either dumb down the raids, or don’t raid ID lock us. Otherwise standards will become ridiculous at end game.


…Or learn how to do basic mechanics?

Skill issue.


There is obviously an issue of people struggling to get into raids right now.

Raid groups taking hours to form and turning into a interview for a spot.

Not a kind of game I want to be part of.

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Then you’re playing the wrong game.


Seems so. Bye.

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Yeah cause doing Gnome every day will not kill the game.

The problem is that there is nothing to do beside the broken PvP and gnome.


We will see which direction they will go… The problem with gnome ist not the difficulty but the social apsect it brings with it (have 6/6, only meta speccs and so on). Some dont mind other really dislike that. Either side of the coin will be “thinned” out in future phases depending on the way they design bosses.

I have cleared gnome but tbh I dont think any boss with 4 phases should be a part of SoD. Goes too much in the retail direction. So if this will be the case I will simply play another game. And I dont mind that. But either way we will see a result in the next phase

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Problem isn’t boss that have 4 phases or whatever.

It is dumb mechanic like “Click on a button and kill ranged bomb every N seconds” that force people to play ranged DPS.

Raid ID is anoying when you have to repleace some one go leave or went “offline”, but difficulty is not a problem of Gnomeregan , players are and ther ridiculus req they are making

when people demand Logs and consumables fore Gnomeregan you know that there is something wrong with them

They removed GDKP, you got what you deserved. Enjoy it :slight_smile: .

“LF 2 Priest full ranged DPS for Gnomeregan 0 melee”.

All of that to see master loot ninja on last boss. POGGERS.

I had my cohealer demand the purple staff or else he would leave…

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How exactlydoes GDKP help that?

Cry somewhere else, swiper.

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This is right ^^ and i’m not a GDKP player. I wanted to do some in P2 cause I wanted some gold since it’s pretty boring to farm and time consuming specially when they make everything a gold sink.
RN off meta spec have issues to run into GNOMER which would less with GDKP and this is fact.

I don’t care really, already have 2 chars fully BIS, thing is i’m not bringing them to GNOMER now, unless they give more incentives like more gold on boss or w/e.

Wave them farewell then :slight_smile:

Think about it more than 5mn and you’ll get the answer yourself.

They need to remove RAID ID and make it so you can only loot bosses once per reset. This will incentivate a less toxic environment.


somebody just watched asmonds video this morning lol, its so easy to get into a raid and its even easier to understand the basic mechanics

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Screw GDKP, no arguing about that.

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Join a guild.
Raids are easy enough as is, don’t want them even easier. Or give guilds the option to not only chase parses, since the content is incredibly easy for somewhat organized groups.

Not matter how much time I spend thinking about it, I just can’t see how swiping helps melee find a spot in a group that requires ranged.