Raid Keystones

Hi All,

Just throwing a suggestion out there about an idea I had and just curious what other people think of it.

Raid Keystones.

So unlike M+ it wouldnt be timed, to make up for numerous raid wipes etc
The way it would work is you kill a boss on XYZ difficulty and get a keystone drop at a certain level depending on whether u killed them on LFR, Normal, HC or Mythic and it wouldnt be like a consumable, it would just update in like a collections that u have killed X boss on Y difficulty.

For ease of understanding imagine the key stone levels worked as such:
LFR - Level 1
Normal - Level 4
HC - Level 7
Mythic - Level 10

Just like mythic plus and fated raids when a keystone i sused it will icnrease the Health and Damage on bosses and potentially add extra mechanics. These would be on a boss by boss basis tho and would drop rewards based on what keystone you killed them on.

For example:

You have choices, you are currently on Normal Sepulcher fighting the jailer with your raid, you can just go in and kill him on normal if you like or use a level 6 keystone to make him stronger than original normal but not ‘quite’ HC difficulty with maybe an added environmental affix or debuff to your raid. Dropping ilvl inbetween Normal and HC too.

Or you can just run the raid through normally and at certain bosses you can place a keystone into the pedestal at the entrance to their ‘arena’ and fight a harder version or mix and match, so you could kill Vigilant Guardian with a keystone for higher loot but then Halondrus and Xymox on standard difficulty if your raid struggles with them, then Anduin you could use another keystone.

First time you kill a boss you get a keystone corresponding to their level and if you kill a boss using a keystone that with level up, if you lose, nothing happens, just stays the same level, you dont loose the keystone, imagine its like a permanent upgrade or like Greater rifts in Diablo, you can select any up to the highest one you have done

Just a random suggestion, would like to hear any thoughts on this, just thought it could make raids slightly more intersting and ‘relevant’

P.S It could also mean they could make Mythic raiding slightly less grueling for standard players and difficulty could increase through keystones from like 10-20 or something


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