Raid Loot Different Each Weekly Reset?

Hi I am a newer player and I wanted to get the luminous armor set for paladin, which is in sepulcher of the first ones raid from the last expansion shadowlands.

So when I tried doing it and completing it I didnt get any of the armor pieces but saw that it didnt show up in loot description in the adventure guide of the raid.

My question is does the loot drops change every weekly reset and be possible to obtain the armor pieces? As so far no luck to getting any of them…

The loot drops do not change. The same bosses always (have a chance to) drop the same pieces of loot.

Here is the full guide for the loot in Sepulcher

but the bits you are interested in are:

The set you are looking for has 5 pieces

Five separate bosses drop the tier pieces you want: Lihuvim, Halondrus, Anduin Wrynn, Lords of Dread, and Rygelon

The pieces DO NOT DROP as equippable pieces, but as Tokens that you can Use (right-click) to turn into the pieces you want. For example Venerated Hand Module drops from Lihuvim and turns into Luminous Chevalier’s Gauntlets when you use it.

I’m not sure what the chance of each piece dropping is. Wowhead shows 5%, but that data would be weighted by the number of people 'in kills during Shadowlands. I’m guessing about 10% each when soloing it now.

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Ahh okay, that makes sense I had a look and saw the venerated modules. Was confused cuz the other raids actually showed the armour pieces and this one didnt lol

Anyways thanks for the reply appreciate it, will need to wait until reset now

If you got some of the modules and sold or deleted them, you may be able to get them back.

The Support site has a function Item Restoration

where you can go and ask that deleted or vendored items be returned to you.

Choose the character you were on. Then look through your list of vendored and deleted items, and mark ALL the items you want restored. Then confirm, and when you next log in, you will find them in your in-game mail.

Thanks I will go look but am pretty sure I never got any anyway, although would it be possible to buy these from the auction house?

Nope. They’re soulbound, so can’t be traded or auctioned.

Ok thanks for ur help I will just wait until the next reset, any efficient way to gather all armor pieces in 1 raid or is it just depending on roll when raiding with others

It’s all RNG, I’m afraid, but tier pieces have decent enough drop rates.

By comparison, mounts typically have something like a 1% drop rate. It took me about 100 clears to get Invincible, and 300 to get Ji-Kun. You’ll probably be done in 5-10 runs.

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