Raider. Io

Hi, I haven’t played in about a month and my raider. Io is not showing my scores, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the addon through twitch as well as refreshing it on the website, I can see everybody else’s scores but no one can see mine, myself included, does anyone know how I can solve this? My Rio is 2k+ as well as 4/12M

Did you opt-out of the WoW armory sharing your data with third parties? Because if you did, rio can’t scan your char, either.

During the time I was away now I only logged in to Rio on my phone to show a friend, could that have mayb changed something? Other than that I only logged in as ussual

No, logging onto rio won’t change that setting. I’m extrapolating from the fact that third party sites receive a permission denied when trying to look at your DH. So I guess the same might be the case with your main.

You can also opt out of rio - and that is possible on the rio site, so… perhaps that?

Try searching for Hollower EU-Burning Legion that’s my account this is a second one, man I’m so lost :weary: ?

That shows on the site, last scanned an hour ago, so if it wasn’t in the addon before, it should be with the next addon update tomorrow. The addon is updated daily, so if you scan a char, the updates won’t be reflected in the addon immediately.

Yes that’s me, ok thanks so much let me wait for the next update then I will let you know, thanks alot again

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