Hi returning player here: I stopped right at start of Shadowlands and I can’t remember how to get rio working properly. I used to use twitch app and just click update each day but now twitch app is gone I feel kinda lost. Also when do I start to see people’s rio stats on mouseover? Do I need to complete a couple of m+ at lvl 60 or something? Also is there a good addon for keeping addons up to date like twitch app used to? I’m currently using ajour but I feel like it’s not as convenient as twitch used to be. With twitch, I literally just had to log in, go to mods and then click update on each addon. With ajour, it looks similar, but wow is telling me I have out of date addons so seems like ajour is missing something.

You can download the rio client from their website, it will automatically pull data from blizzard every 6 hours or so, to keep your addon updated. Your addons are static and can’t get data live from an outside source, so if you don’t see your rio score, try to update your addon via the client.

dont like rio my self but help lot look intro players u inv so u make sure dont inv lfr andy group

Curseforge is the new app, its not as good as the old twitch one. Get the lite version so you aren’t pummelled with ads and spyware (yes, I make it sound so attractive)

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lol ok thanks

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