Raiding community Heroic/Mythic

Faction: Alliance

Progression/Experience: Cutting Edge, 3 Tier. Been raiding since Vanilla.
Semi-Hardcore. Without loosing the fun social part of the raid community.

Schedule (Including Time Zone) Our times are always Server Time (ST).
We plan to raid on Fridays/Saturdays from 19:30 - 23:00.
Server Information: Our Characters are on Silvermoon-EU

What do we need? All classes and specs.

We have been running tons of pug runs back in days when we didn’t have cross realms :stuck_out_tongue: and also with cross realm community raids when that was implemented.
We play multiple classes/roles.

What we are looking for:
people who want to raid with a community.
chill, calm and fun raid environment.
no toxicity
Like minded people that want to have fun and progress in raid. In the next raid tier we wanna go from heroic and push in to mythic and hopefully get CE.

We want players who can keep their characters updated in regards to mythic plus keys, class changes, BiS Gear and general class knowledge (including to know when to use defensives).
Providing phials, pots, enchants and runes should be nothing new for you.
In general we want people to stay alive before anything else, so doing Mechanics first has the highest priority.

Join us in discord and send us a message if u have any questions.
Discord :

Cheers ##

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