Raiding Guild "Emeriss" recruiting - 4/8 Mythic

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“Emeriss” is guild created by group of players whose core has been together for almost 10 years and experienced endgame content in its relevant time since WoTLK. Guild is working on its main goal: “Creating and maintaining the environment, where our members can have fun” which, mainly, involves achieving that adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment when the raid boss falls to your feet before it does to anyone else and understanding the team comradery and effort it took.

Emeriss is a raiding guild, and as such, rules that govern members actions will centre around the fact that raiding comes first.
General Rules
Members in Emeriss are expected to perform at the maximum possible effort their class could provide, failing to do so would result in correctional actions that could reach, if not resolved, a termination from the Raid Section.
Tactic basic knowledge: We are working on tactics together, learning, executing what we learn. For it to go faster and more productive, learning bosses abilities and looking up- some PTR footage is required.

Signing up for Raids
"Emeriss” Raid Members are asked to sign up for raids via in game calendar 1 day in advance. Anything that will hold a member to attend a raid has to be posted on Discord “Can’t make it” channel.

Raid Days and Times
Emeriss is a Pve guild, and as such, members who join are expected to participate in raiding activities. To that end, members are expected to make themselves available for at least two out of three raids Emeriss officially has.

Wednesday: 20:00-23:00
Sunday: 20:00-23:00
Monday: 20:00-23:00
(9h per week)

Voice Chat/Out of game communications
“Emeriss” Communications, raid tactic discussions, guild information, loot history, logs and other forum like functions are covered by Discord.

Loot system:
“Emeriss” is using Loot Council for loot distribution.(RCLootCouncil addon)
Taken in consideration: Attendance, raid performance, size of the upgrade and requirements of the raid group. Upgrades are for the benefit of the raid group, not individual himself.
Loot council consists of leaders of the guild and 1-2 raid members, who are rotated on weekly bases.

Long term goals:
Creating and maintaining the environment, where our members can have fun by killing some bosses and creating a long lasting community.
Reaching the top 100 of the world in progression without going over our 6-9h per week raiding schedule.

"Emeriss" never closes recruitment. You never know who we could pick up and anyone who can benefit our community and ambitions is welcome.

Guild management:
Guild leader and role officers council.
Role officers are responsible for raiders of set role. Role roster, recruitment and performance monitoring.
Considering guilds main goals, members are involved in guild managment discussions. No closed door discussions.
The council is open for discussion on various guild topics and hold to be honest and open to the team.

Past progress:
Legion: AtBC: 11/11

If this seems something you could be into, don't hesitate to leave an application :

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Progress update: 2/11HC in Antorus.

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Update : 8/11 Mythic

(Darkmiff) #4
Currently recruiting any class ranged dps.


Are you guys still playing? Still on Al’akir? What is your progress?

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Hey yee, still around :wink: 5/8 at this point


Are you recruiting? I’m thinking on going back to Al’akir from Tarren Mill, but I couldn’t find a single english speaking guild.