Raise Abomination

could someone confirm to me how this works now.
It used to be a real good spell in RBG/PVP due to Army being too longer CD.

Now if i take it it would still seem to be a loss of talent benefit?
I know its cd is one second per cast of DC etc, but lots of talents empower army yet this talent then comes and bulldozers over it all?

its still useful for remote stealth remove etc but seems to be then destroying talents, or am i missing something?

could this spell be made as an addition to rather than replace of?

summons a magus of the dead and adds festering wounds to the target while also applying your dots again you pretty much use it for the dot aplication instead of using outbreak and you get an extra dot on top with magus of the dead which hits 8-9k each and if abomb hits the right target it can hit 20k autos.

Magus of the dead is around 3% of your damage with the festermight build if you play commander it can pump 10-12k shadowbolts.

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