Random world drops (dungeons/chests)

Hey all,

Just something I was wondering if others feel the same…

I really really miss the random dungeon drops, like greens, recipes, epics that could drops from trash. Same goes for random treasure chests that spawned around the world.
It made the chance of gaining something nice while doing your daily stuff more fun?
It has been feeling plain, boring not finding anything but vendor trash on your epic journey?

How do you feel about it?


You can thank bots for Blizz to no longer do those chests you had in Vanilla since they’d camp on it. Bots back then literally teleported all over the place.

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I like treasures and whatnot. But to be fair: In the earlier parts of DF I was looting all kinds of world stuff like the bags, magical chests and the dirt piles. Those just lost their use for me over time and I think that’s okay.

Dungeon loot missing is the worst thing. You can run a full dungeon in DF and get nothing just some gold is very sad.

EDIT: And if you compare it to the dream dust items you can buy for just flying around collecting orbs, it’s even more painful. ilvl 454 for flying, ilvl 460 for dungeons.

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The treasure chest do exist. They just have more interesting name

Like ritual supplies in zaralek.
Themed chests like the furbolg ones in braken hide or the elemental ones in imbu.
The magic locked chests via dragon scale repl
Smelly dirt piles ect ect

Usually they contain some rep. Some materials some currency with a chance for rarer items like dragon shards of knowledge.

Some are on internal cool downs such as the ones that drop barter bricks and boulders. With a soft cap that you can hit every day.

And others are so plentiful as to be meaningless like normal dirt piles while others are very very rare and you almost never see them unless you know what to look out for. These are the ones that most closely resemble chests in classic and will disappear once someone loots them

They have had random chest equivalents in every zone in dragon flight including ones that closely mirror the behaviour of random chests in classic. The latter are extremely rare but they do exist. They are just sometimes lost in the noise of other treasures that arnt worth grabbing like the ones that give supplies

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Hmmm but those are static, I´m mostly talking about random drops in dungeons for example, like we had in early wow & expansions. They removed so many things, I loved some recipes for example dropped in certain dungeons too. It gave you incentive to do that dungeon and a tad more fun.

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I don’t agree with that example. I really disliked that.
I think recipes should just be for sale.

But they do not just appear in your bag, don’t they? They supposed to drop from somewhere, either a chest or in dungeon can be some examples. Then you can sell it. If you mean all recipes needs to be sold by NPCs, that’s not going to happen clearly for in-game economy balances.

Why? I don’t get what the issue is there.

They still drop? And, say m0 like brackenhide can drop expensive recipes.

Decayed chests in Azure span - you can farm them for expensive items until you wanna vomit :slight_smile:

The only thing is there are no world BoE epics and mounts indeed - they could add those but you can still get some random recipes here and there.

Do you think craft recipes -especially end-game ones- (i.e. lariat recipe) should be purchasable for all from the vendor? If yes, how professions and crafters will differentiate from others?

You are already learning most of the common ones through trainers and with the current crafting system, most of the other ones through skill points (weekly grind). Very few recipes are drop-based and you can use or sell them if they are sellable. There is already no need for any recipes to be sold like they were used to. The mechanics are pretty different as of DF implementation.

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Why do they need to do that?
In DF (and TWW) the way they’d differentiate is with their specializations and quality of their craft. Imo that’s quite enough.

Well, it´s an RPG and you´re on an adventure, if everything is for sale at a vendor, it means everyone has access. Just like in RL, not everyone should have access to everything, else there´s no interest or incentive in gaining it, if you understand what I´m saying.

I truly think stuff like recipes, pets and name it should also drop from npc’s.
The randomness (% world drops) or specific mobs for specific chance of drop, was imo always a nice feature in wow.

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I never suggested ‘everything’ should be for sale.
I was just talking about profession recipes.

Yeah but the mean of everything is all of those recipes you mention. We specifically talking about those :smiley: Selling every recipe to everyone, making everything accessable to everyone will take the joy out of it.

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Well, that’s where we disagree I suppose. To me it would be fun.
Exclusivity =/= fun. I don’t get joy out of having something that you don’t. That’s not how I am wired. I enjoy getting something because I like it and that’s reason enough for me.

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I understand your point mate but you know it has an in-game economy and one of its aspects is crafting. People who can craft exclusive items can trade which means they can create a supply and demand loop.

If everything were easily obtainable, then there would be no point in having professions at all. It would be wiser to sell items directly, instead of selling recipes and expecting people to craft them anyway.

Since the older days of WoW, even most grind-based things have become easily obtainable day by day. See how t-mogs, toys, and mounts are easily buyable in Pandaria remix. People were farming them for hours, months, years sometimes… Sometimes it is good, but once they make “everything” (including recipes) buyable, where we will find joy in farming something?

WoW used to be a kind of RNG-based MMORPG, now drifted away from its RPG roots but that shouldn’t mean we are ready for in-game communism kek

Not true. That’s only if you believe the only reason professions exist is to make gold.

Again; I was never talking about everything.
ONLY recipes.

Now; I’m not going to continue this back and forth.
I’ve stated my opinion and why I have that opinion.
You can have yours. We don’t need to agree. :smiling_face:

It is one of the reasons why professions exist, like in real life? You make things, sell it, make money from it so you can buy other things someone else has crafted?

You might not agree with things we are saying, but if you want a flourishing economy, you need supply and demand. And fact is you will never have a good economy if everyone has everything already. It IS very important in an RPG with an economy like we have to also have niches.


Yeah. Treasure chests have never been the same since Legion when they became formulaic AP busywork. In DF, Smelly Trash Piles and Expedition Scout Packs are just map clutter.

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