Rank 14 soon only from Rage and Xtci !

Imagine making 50 key binds, getting 30 addons and macros, and in the end spamming W and D so you can hug UBRS wall better…
Remind me was it Venture or Wallturtle?

Did you use the on-screen keyboard to type that?

Haha, nice one

Must suck to loose vs 10 alliance hugging UBRS wall as 40+ horde.
Try with 2 raids next time zug zug.

i think you are quite handsome judging from your stream, perhaps looking for wow girlfriend?

I got 22 gold, and a half eaten piece of moist cornbread if you’re up for it.

Is it true that Venture are leaving Flamelash? Even though I get wiped, I don’t wanna see you guys leave.

Venture if you leave the server = meme’s are dead , don’t do it , we will make this server in your liking , it will be RPPVP from now on !

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i like it here! Think i will stay, say hi to Clickmyskill from me <3

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If Venture leaves, then where is the actual fights for Blackrock Mountain? :disappointed_relieved:

Just for you Stefano we will stay!

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i do me pls

Why would Venture leave Flamelash, I don’t see a single reason.
Let me put out a great truth of this server that actually nobody will say.
I have played this game for more than 10 years in total, never have I seen worst server than Flamelash, honestly.
The crap I was put trough as raid leader in Nucleus, like having to mark range stacking spot on Geddon, 1 out of 10 people being able to react to Onyxia aggro and not actually wiping raid with flame breath. 3 Weeks in row of me dying to Golemagg because people are unable to aggro on pull even tho I explain how pull should be performed for more than 3 minutes before we even start the boss fight, and funny enough Nucleus was still one of the top performing guilds at that time. Me not being able to sell Tebuu’s blazing longsword for 4.5k gold compared to it being sold for 8-9k gold instantly on any other normal server.
95% of horde players I have played with are slackers and raidloggers, and on top of that 20% of them stole gold and materials from me or from guild bank.
I had an idea to make one of the strongest semi/hardcore raiding guilds on the server and in the end everybody marked me as edgy and toxic, just cause I required “normal” performance out of them, but I can see now that forming a hardcore guild on Flamelash can only be a joke, not even an idea.
Respect to one or maybe two horde guilds that still have high performance, but compared to general horde population that is a joke.
And even bigger respect for Venture cause they are actually trying something and doing things even tho they are in far worse position.
Even tho I am the person who hates Venture most on this server, I literally wake up thinking how many sappers will I craft to PvP Venture, I still respect them, cause they are only normal guild that has scouts, summoners and some lets say normal kind of PvP and PvE organization.
Yesterday I turned on stream and spent 2h searching for PvP targets, and after 2h I bumped into 58 mage at last, just to watch him get killed by 3 horde PvP-ers the same moment.
If Venture would leave this server, funny enough I would probably do it too, last person to stay, please turn off the lights…

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