Rank 14 soon only from Rage and Xtci !

Lets go Kargath no life PVP :smiley:

909 honorable kills only by killing 2 people!

[xtci](https ://imgur.com/YAZmltr)

[rage](https ://imgur.com/6U4Fuvk)

Connect https to ://imgur.com/6U4Fuvk)

Standing 892 talking about r14, top kek

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You should come too , 3 hk’s per 5 min will get me there faster :smiley:

https ://gyazo.com/4680baab0348c8db31b2b5453fa7c764

Here is a better representation, rogues are cheating.



sweet binds mate,
also; i like trains, zugzook

I got 1 shot CLICK macro new swifty meta haven’t heard ?

ur ez honor <3

I love how Rage figure it out and edited his post right after :smiley:
And Xtci <3 :smiley:

Post was made for meme’s other Venture boys , chill :smiley:

Dat clicker PvP bruh
(lock those bars m8)


Lmao nice keybinds scrub

clicking intensifies

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The feeling when you can click faster than others can press a keybind.

When u know they will rage when they die by the hand of a clicker.


too bad thats not your case, a blind man could react faster then you :partying_face:

lol, u guys are savage, suicidal rogues are a way to rank up, and as u can see its a pretty good way to do so. calm down

The true PvP experience

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wtb sulfuron ingots , paying big

That’s some SERIOUS clicker action.

Really going for that 2004 pvp experience

Rizik = Tastemyskill alt confirmed

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