Rank Each Expansion From Best to Worst!


1.WOTLK 9/10
2.BC 8.5/10
3.Vanilla 8.5/10
4.MOP 7/10
5.Cata 5/10
6.WOD 3/10
7.Legion 3/10
8.BFA 0/10

(Schlowman) #24

I’ll list mine according to the ones where I’d actually bought the game (will not count previous trial days).

  1. Battle for Azeroth


Didn’t play all of them but eh

MoP - Amazing, class design was good, story was INCREDIBLY good compared to now. Always something to do. Never minded the dailies, Throne of Thunder and the entire Isle was amazing in 5.2. And Pvping on timeless is still one of my best memories in this game

  1. Legion, pretty neat, nothing major just overall solid I guess

  2. Cata, better than WoD let’s be realistic. Plus it’s the start of the journey so it’s nostalgia.

  3. WoD, at least I had friends

  4. K y s

  1. MoP. Loved everything about this expansion. Beautiful zones, engaging storyline, professions were good, pet battles, awesome raids.
    2.Wrath. Loved the zones and storyline.
    3.TBC. great stuff.
    4.Legion.Loved the class campaigns, so much fun!
  2. WoD. Looked good but ran out of steam too early.
    6.Cata. Just hated it and Im not even sure why!
    7.Bfa. I really want to like this more. It looks fantastic, the zones and cities are so beautiful unfortunately its like the Kim Kardashian of WoW expansions…looking amazing on the outside but lacking soul and personality!

(Calydor) #27

MoP remains my favorite with WotLK a close second.

Those of you who are still dissing MoP over ‘lol pandas!’, have you actually played the expansion? Have you followed the story? How would you feel about Mists of Pandaria had it been a standalone MMORPG?

  1. Wotlk. Spirit demonology warlock
  2. TBC. SL/SL warlock
  3. Vanilla. Leveling for a year. Farming for a blue set for another year.
  4. Panda. How can warriors heal more than affliction warlock does dps?
  5. Cata. In the army, couldn’t play that much.
  6. WoD. Played a little even did some raids.
  7. BFA. so far it stays here, it might go lower. There is no stats???
  8. Legion. I skipped it.


I would have probably skipped it like every other mmorpg except wow.

  1. TBC
  2. Legion
  3. Mop
  4. Vanilla
  5. Wotkl
  6. Cata
    7 Bfa

(Liära) #31
  1. TBC
  2. Wotlk
  3. MoP
  4. Legion
  5. Cata
  6. Vanilla
  7. WoD

I can’t give a score yet to the BFA since we just finished only the first tier of the content.


For me it’d have to be;

  1. MoP
  2. Legion
  3. Cataclysm
  4. WoD
  5. TBC

Those are the ones I’ve played at least. TBC was boring enough for me to quit the game completely and miss WotLK which was a shame, especially since I loved Vanilla at the time.

Thought all of the zones were very bland bar Zangarmarsh, disliked all the dungeons and hated what it did to my server community :frowning:

  1. TBC
    Things were challenging.
    We have the social aspect, the feeling of accomplishment & reward for progressing through challenging content and classes which were distinct yet still rounded out. Warriors had intervene, disarm, spell reflect.
  2. MoP
    The return of challenging five player content together with plentiful raids and while bloated with damage cooldowns and instant stuns the spec/class design was engaging and rewarded better players.
    Proving grounds! Soloing Ordon Killmasters!
  3. BFA
    Loads to do PvP, The mythic+ content, raids, rated bgs. However, I find myself unrewarded and grinding world quests for the rewards I want the most.
  4. Legion
    Mythic+ and raiding was fine.
    Spec design was better than WoD
  5. Cata
    At least we had rated battlegrounds, and dungeons weren’t dumb initially.
  6. WoD
    Could have been the same as MoP but the pruning went too far.
    Warrior had some instant stuns, but not intervene, disarm or really anything interesting to add anywhere.
  7. WotLK
    Raiding and ? With a period where the pinnacle of raiding was to do an easy mode version of a raid I had done half of on hardmode but without anyone ever DCing during a full clear.


1 : TBC i loved every minute spent in TBC . raiding / pvp / questing / halaa
2 : Woltk
3 : Cata
4 : Legion
5 : WoD
6 : Pandaria

(Seffi) #35

Best to worst.

  1. Wrath, it pretty much had everything for everyone, and it also had one of the best raids ever done, aka Ulduar.

  2. mop, just a great game over all, and it looked realy good.

  3. legion also solid expansion though last raid was little bit dull.

  4. Bfa, for the moment it is ok, but hard to say how it is gona end up yet, Uldir wasn´t realy in my liking but it worked.

  5. Vanilla for nostaliga reasons mostly, it was great fun back in the days, but it also had lots of problems.

6 Wod, nice quests, but got boring realy fast, and I was idling more in my garrison waiting for raid to start.

  1. TBC actualy not even close to as good as it could have been, yes it had lots of new stuff and wow was relative new when it came out, but oh I did the mistake to go hardcore in it, biggest mistake of my life, it was a major chore even though the raids where fine.

  2. cata, oh god this expansion, nothing realy made sence in any perspective, dungeons where tuned totaly over the top at start, Dragon soul was just lame for an last raid of an expansion.

(Weper) #36
  1. WotLK
  2. Legion
  3. TBC
  4. Cataclysm
  5. MoP
  6. BfA
  7. WoD
  • Vanilla - I havent played it yet. But i’ll try it when Classic launches.


Battle for Azeroth
Warlords of Draenor
The Burning Crusade
Mists of Pandaria
Wrath of the Lich King


From the point of view of my personal enjoyment, and on a scale of WoW expansions ather than all possible games.

Cata 9.5. I joined in Cata. It was the first time I had ever played WoW, or even encountered the idea of an MMORPG … or played any video game for about 15 years. It was amazing. Until I encountered the concept of “catch-up”, at which point I had to accept this was a pastime rather than a game. Still, a wonderful pastime!

Mists 9.0. Was in many ways better than Cata, but CRZ completely destroyed the atmosphere on my realm. Introduced the tick-box table for talents, which I still can’t understand as belonging in anything outside a MOBA.

WoD 2.0. Great start; even the Garrison troubles were fun, and gave me a couple of days of nothing much happening to replace the HD that blew up when I was going through the Portal WoD scenario. (Great timing, there!)

Unfortunately, it was also the start of ruining professions, classes, models, max-level world content, and CRZ in latest expansion. Pathfinder was a debacle. And, of course, the lack of expansion support.

Legion 2.0. Like Mists after Cata, it was in so many ways better than WoD. But World Quests and the final destruction of our characters and then scaling made me realise that WoW and I were inevitably going to part company someday.

BfA 1.5. I’m honestly not sure I wouldn’t rather still be in the last patch of Legion.

  1. The Burning Crusade- Illidan , Outland , Draenei, Blood elves, Naga , Broken <3

  2. Legion - finally a end for the Burning Crusade… artefacts , DH , Argus ^^ Alleria Windrunner, Turaylon

  3. Wrath of the Lich King

  4. BfA- (could change the place)

  5. WoD

  6. MoP

  7. Cataclysm

  8. Classic

(Wwhelp) #40

I’m doing the list based on how engrossed I was with the game overall, not necessarily based on the “quality” of the game.

  1. TBC
  2. Wrath
  3. Cata
  4. MoP
  5. WoD
  6. Legion
  7. Vanilla

I had a big wall of text here but it was too long so I deleted it.

In short, Vanilla leveling was a bad time for me.

I didn’t hate Cata as much as other people do/did.

Wrath had, imho, the worst pvp season in game’s history before becoming good.

Legion gutted my main which completely turned me off from the experience.

TBC was before I started worrying about minmaxing or gearing so I just did things I found fun. Mostly.

(Eledinath) #41

Pandaren has been a part of Warcraft lore since long before the movie Kung Fu Panda was made, I’m just saying…

(Alexima) #42

But the expansion came out much later, with some ridiculously similar traits to the movie. Of course most of it comes from old chinese mythology, But it’s appearing more to Kung Fu panda movie than a decent world of warcraft story. Even if pandaren were a part of the lore, It still wasn’t executed as good as the rest of the expansions lorewise.