Rank Each Expansion From Best to Worst!


/looks at MoP
/looks at BfA
/looks at MoP
/looks at BfA

:roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, just talking lore, Wrath and maybe Legion (but there are buts about Legion) could well rate higher than MoP for lore, but I’m not sure anything else does. WoD? alternate universe sort of killed that for me, at least. TBC had lore, but you really needed to piece it together outside the game. Vanilla never had any overarching theme. Cata … maybe close, but didn’t have the same end-game coference.

(Alexima) #44

Legion was alternate timeline as well. Another Guldan, another everything. So really not right to consider WoD bad for doing it and praise legion for doing the same thing.

as for MOP and BFA, I really didn’t like the whole idea of garrosh being corrupted by power, and alliance and horde forming a team to beat him. I didn’t like the pandas, and i most certainly didn’t like the sha’s of this and that as villains.

But expansionwise, I still consider it a solid expansion with decent content. Just terrible lorewise in my opinion.

As for BFA lore, unless they make sylvanas, Garrosh 2.0, then I wouldn’t mind it at all. Plus, azshara is coming and old gods are coming back. And like i said, I like the old gods in the story. Those chaotic, savage gods that corrupted minds and fought everything, even themselves.


Quick list in order of fun being had;

  1. Wrath
  2. Legion
  3. TBC
  4. MoP
  5. BFA
  6. Cata
  7. WoD



For me it would go like:

  1. WotLK
  2. Legion
  3. (but very close) TBC
  4. MoP
  5. WoD
  6. BfA

…Last that can burn in the fel flames of Argus, Cataclysm😲

Having said that, I enjoyed all the previous
expansions and I still enjoy it. Except Cataclysm, for me it was the biggest downside of the game.


1 - wotlk
2 - wotlk
3 - wotlk
4 - wotlk
5 - wotlk
6 - wotlk
the rest are garbage pretty much …

(Gratna) #48

1: wotlk

Epic expansion with the best raid ever designed (ulduar) where u could trigger hardmodes.

2: Legion

Solid expansion with the best feature implented so far for me (m+)

3: bfa

Love it so far the went further with m+ improved it and lots of little side content like ie’s warfronts and war campaign. And soon able to wack a gnome which is always Nice.

4: mist of kungfu panda

Liked the quests but nothig more, basicly An expansion for the Alliance where they could raid the horde.

5: cataclysm

Fun new quests and new lvling zones, and a few hard dungeons but nothing more

6: tbc

Never played it that much but never liked IT.

7: wod

Just no

(Dornisus) #49

The burning Crusade
Wrath of the Lich King
Mists of Pandaria
Split for worse: Warlords of Draenor and Battle for Azeroth

Right so no surprise there, The burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King is pretty difficult to say which one is the better. TBC did a lot of new things over Vanilla while Wrath did improvements on TBC as well as added new things of its own. Wrath also brought Ulduar out, which is by far the best raid in WoW in my opinion.

Cataclysm took a step in the wrong direction, and started the infernal pruning of basically everything that makes and RPG tick. Talents cut down, spells removed and things simplified. While it revamped the whole world and brought a good story to the mix, the changes to the game wasn’t all positive.

Legion started quite promising when Chilton was at the helm, then Hazzikostas took over and things went sour quite quickly. Legion ends above Mists though because of the stellar beginning of Legion. If Hazzikostas hadn’t taken over, it might even have ended on rivalling Cataclysm or surpassed it. But Broken Shore, time gating galore and Argus just felt like meh content.

Mists comes next here. I just can’t like this expansion, simply because it all feels like a joke (like the one Didier made those many years ago). It continued the pruning of the talent tree, pruned away some more spells and told a rather boring one sided story of “HORDE BAD!”, which is so far away from Warcraft story that you can get.

Lastly we have BfA and WoD. 2 of the worst expansions ever made. Warlords started with a bang, literally, when the developers decided to funnel everyone through the same bottle neck. Could have been forgiven, if it was a new company, but Blizzard should know better than this. The entire of WoD’s story line was boring and made no sense what so ever at the end of it. It also brought Garrison, the worst thing ever introduced to WoW, and it still plagues us to this day. I might put Battle for Azeroth just a notch above WoD, simply because the initial story is a bit better, but the whole story of BfA makes no sense, and Sylvanas is basically turning into Garrosh 2.0, while Anduin can’t win any battles without Deus ex machina saving his behind.

So that’s my list of expansions.


1* Wotlk
For me it was the best time raids were puggable pvp was fun and the story was interesting with beautiful zones. Also classes were in this point in my opinion as fun as they could be with lots of variety if you were not a lazy person and tried with different talent combinations instead of copy pasting from the interwebs.

2* MoP
Same as wotlk lots of raid pugs because of flex system and pvp was fun. Only thing that i absolutely hated about the expansion was the new new talent “trees” cata had crap talent trees but this i really hated.

3* TBC
I started at BC but as i was new i can’t say much of it dungeons i did not do them at all people were too picky in my server back then PvP was a blast though.

4* Legion
I liked the zones questing and the music i hated the start because artifact power grind bored me to death.

5* Cataclysm
Raids were dead at the start of the expansion after wotlk pug raids died completely pvp was still fun but what brought cata down for me was pruning the talent trees from 71 to 41 point boredom.

6* WoD
From the failed start to pure boredom took a almost half expansion vacation because everything just felt like a complete low rent amusement park ride.
Also if you didn’t like raiding there was nothing to do before tanaan jungle.

7* BfA
Just like wod but with better start and after legion endless world quest farming they should have really went some other direction with open world stuff because already after month the expansion felt over and done.
Only thing that bfa has going on is the warmode and even that is fail because of faction imbalance.
Also after getting rid of artifacts with no class redesign most classes feel slow and boring because of the lost talents and gcd change.
One thing that bfa has going on is that because its so boring it made me do something other than play wow.

  1. TBC
  2. WotLK

  1. Legion: content released in loads way too often and it was hard to relax, artifact weapons prohibited transmog options, mythic raiding overturned even for top guilds
  2. Wotlk: content sometimes was so easy you could grind it in a matter of hours
  3. Tbc: the lag and bugs dominated the entirety of this expansion even though the content was good, botting and exploiting the game was on the rise, battleground vanila system was scrapped, still an Amazing expansion
  4. Cata: dungeon difficulty on release was far beyond “heroic”, hated the fact that most zones were dead at max level
  5. Mop: class balance at it’s worst, content promoted elitism and garrosh did nothing wrong
  6. wod: one more raid tier and this would be much higher

Bfa seems to be going above cata but I won’t rush to judge before it is over.

As you can see I list only the negative aspects and you can assume I liked everything not mentioned (e.g. legion legendaries, mop pet battles, wod garrison)


WoD is objectively the worst because it had almost no post-release content.

TBC was the best because it fixed many of the serious issues of vanilla, namely many specs being half finished and horrible to play (Ret for instance).

It also didn’t mark the beginnings of the destruction of community like LK did with LFG. CRZ was the nail in the coffin.

Burning Crusade;
Lich King;
Battle for Azeroth;
Mists of Pandaria;
Warlords of Draenor.

TBC and the start of LK are way out in front of all the others, with the others being much closer because they are all terribly flawed with the lack of community and death of RPG elements.

  1. Wrath
  2. MoP
  3. Cata
  4. Tbc
  5. Legion
  6. WoD
  7. BfA


BfA is nowhere near done yet so you can’t judge it.

To say it’s worse than WoD is hysterical. I suggest you step off that bandwagon.


it is worse though, by far

(Basyxqt) #57
  1. Tbc

  2. Wotlk

  3. Cataclysm

  4. Legion

  5. Bfa


  1. Wod

(Jito) #58

Mists of Pandaria
Battle for Azeroth
Wrath of the Lich King
The Burning Crusade
Warlords of Draenor

Something like that, in my opinion. Battle for Azeroth still has time to get better or worse, of course. :upside_down_face:

(Tahra) #59

Best to worst:

Legion (even)
MoP (even)
Wotlk (even)
WoD (odd)
BfA (odd)
Cata (odd)
TBC (odd)

Says something, doesn’t it. :wink:

(Hafthor) #60

Best to worst:

I didnt play Tbc and vanilla so can’t judge them.

  1. Vanilla
  2. Legion
  3. TBC
  4. Wrath
  5. MoP
  6. Cata
  7. BFA & WoD ( you can delete those 2 expacs and I wouldn’t even notice, good riddance)

I explained in detail my choice for Legion at the nr. 2 spot but some dirty CM decided to delete my post because I said a dirty word that begins with a and ends with s. Or maybe it’s because I’m unsubbed to WoW, idk


Of course I can say already that its worse than WoD, if the most important thing for me is the way that the classes and specs work.

In WoD we still had some depth in class design, we had fun specs that were somewhat challenging to play.

In BfA we have watered down class design, that could have been done by someone just getting into game designing, boring builder/spender specs with no depth, the specs and classes have so low skill ceiling, that even a bacteria would have a hard time standing up right in a room that is as high.

My current rating is;

  1. MoP
  2. WotLK
  3. Cata/TBC
  4. WoD
  5. Legion
  6. BfA

(Vanilla is out, because if I’d put it there someone would be all like;
Vanilla is not an expansion, it’s the base game… hurr durrr…)

{But if Vanilla would (imaginatively) be on the list, it would be between WoD and Legion}