Rapid Fire and Aimed Shots

Let us kick Rapid Fire’s and Aimed Shots. Broken untuned ranged melee design is not fun to play against.

And return resources too for evey Class and Spec. Too much random uneffortless damage and heals.


We can still be disarmed…lol


Yeah. By Survival, Rogue, Warrior and Monk. All melee range. :joy:

Its very unfair to play against casters, ecpecielly mages. Disarm should work on them aswell, because…its not fair for melees and hunters.


Im fine with getting Disarmed if you lot become less obnoxious to fight against. Im also fine having to manage mana again and getting it burned by Locks & Priests. You can have your Viper Sting back too oki doki?

I also have to manage focus. 2 aimed shots and focus gets burned and then back to tickling people with steady shot. Please, you have to realise how difficult we MM have it. Just remember to press 2X ice block OKI DOKI?

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I don’t play Frost. You also got Rapid Fire and its broken.

i use Guns

love these hunter hate threads,
while Hunter has the weakest Defensives in the game

10.2 removing feign death dispell,
our healing is a 3min cooldown
and our turtle?

what do you want us to be a target dummy ?


I want Hunters to be as strong as everybody else. I just don’t want you to be unkillable obnoxious moving ranged melee.

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Try playing evoker and chase off a skilled MM hunter, you in for a good laugh.


Evoker is badly designed woke joke. Tried them few times and they just feel extremely clunky and they were converted from Worgen models. Should have used Saurok instead. D4 level design choices once again.


If you cant catch ‘skilled mm hunters’ then get skilled at your own class. Evoker is FAR more mobile than mm hunter and if you cant catch them; then you are not good


Don’t worry, It was not a complaint, I have killed many MMs, hence I specified skilled, it was more of a joke due to the fact that evoker’s range distance isn’t amazing due to it’s 25yrds.

mm hunter may not have the best defensives but its damage is massively overtuned


people dont want to be 2 shot from camo…

thats now impossible to achieve btw
with double tap removed

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you can sniper shot rapid fire a mage and it dies especially if you have beserking or salt waters

What if you combined berserk and saltwater ( 60% damage increase ) + your agi / versa combined? I’m confident you can one shot someone if you play your cards properly or atleast 2 shot kill someone.

random battleground’s and potions should not result in a nerf,
non of it can be used in rated PvP

random bgs are not balanced by design and never will be

if you are that casual in the game that you are moaning about random non rated pvp, i hate to say it buddy but… your opinion is invalid


I don’t think I was moaning but ok? I figured this was in battlegrounds in general, not necessarily rated.