Rarity Addon causes freezes


So, i have had this problem for some days now and thought i would try to figure out what the problem was. I disabled all my addons and enabled one by one, and it turns out that “Rarity” addon causes my game to freeze after about 10 seconds after i have logged in or after a loading screen. The game then freezes for about 5 seconds, then its back to normal until there is a loading screen again.

My friend also uses Rarity, but has no issues. Anything i can do to make rarity work like a charm again?


I have exactly same issue. Hope somebody will know the answer.

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I installed it, and it seems to run here without any significant delay (with no other addons active).

I had a look at the source of the addon but there’s a bit too much there to untangle, without knowing what to look for.

I would suggest you turn on debug mode with

/rarity debug

That should give some idea what the addon is working on by showing it in chat. Perhaps using that and causing some loading screens might help you narrow things down.

Otherwise i’d suggest making a similar post on the curse page for the addon, so the author can see it.

have u managed to get a fix for this my dude ?

Can confirm that the addon causes the freezes even alone without any other addons activated. Seems that nobody has found a solution for the freezes yet.

edit: Found a solution.

OP, enable “Hide items not in your zone” in the rarity options and you will gain a significant performance boost.


for me, it was doing ad-don Rarity. In settings ->
“Checking “Hide items not in your zone” fixed the issue for me.”
copy paste from another forum.

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