Raszageth 10 man scaling issue?

Title question. What is up with the scaling in a 10p group? We couldn’t get the adds in first intermission before the integrity hit 50% and she phases.

Most of our dps is pretty geared but we’re a casual group so we aren’t looking at perfect parses… But this is ridiculous. I’m afraid of getting to later phases, particularly the soft enrage on p3.

In a perfect world they’d fix it. In this one they won’t. So try to get a few more people in the group.

I’m guessing we need 2/3/9.

Yeah she will throw same amount of bombs, and spawn same amount of adds no matter the raid size. Boss itself is already overtuned and it’s much harder for 10 man raids who are usually casuals anyway because now you have less healing cooldowns and dps cd rotations for stormsurges.
On the other hand, let’ say she bombs 2 people instead of 3 when there are less than 14 people in raid… Now everyone will go as exactly 13 people, or rather they won’t ever go as 14-15 people which surely locks some guilds out of raiding.
Scaling needs to be checked.

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Well my community got her with a 10 man group.

Our 13-14 player group couldn’t do it so they trimmed raid size to try.

Dropping four players dropped her hp by 60 million. The adds were suddenly doable. You literally cannot carry lower dps in this fight due to the scaling, and since we had three healers, one of us had to bench and it was me, so am a bit disappointed in blizzards scaling.

idk what you’ve been told but I benched you and two others for underperformance because otherwise the boss would’ve been mathematically impossible. It has little to do with scaling and I believe this had been made clear so I’m kinda surprised to find this post, as it wasn’t an easy decision to make. :slightly_frowning_face:

So yeah, I don’t believe there is a problem with the scaling at all; it’s fine on whatever raid size… as long as people do the mechanics and don’t underperform too much.

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