Rate my lock :]

This is my main outfit I put together from the game, Didn’t knew there was as big community in transmogs as its seam, but I’ve saved myself on Wowhead after I was requested to be copied today xD

I’d like an input on my char on what you guys in here think that are more into the mog game I assume.
Please let me know what you think and rate my look :>
Theme: World Domination, pew pew :>
Best item: Head and my belt!
Love that little juggling skull belt!

Too generic, i see too many warlocks with that set x)
but it looks nice!

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It’s not a set though and tbh, i’ve never seen that mog before.

I think it looks quite good.

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Everyone used that robe, shoulder & head combo back in legion, i always thought it was a set, but after some research apperantly its not, huh the more you know

I never said it looked bad! :smiley:

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Thank you and Grovi ^^
Yea, I’ve seen some too with different variations of same base idea!
… But there can only be one Thing that’s the best Thing you ever seen ;D…

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