Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Noxia) #1
Let's get this going!
Pretty self explanatory. From 1-10 how good is the Rogue's name above you?

Have not seen one of these posts for quite some time, so I thought it would be a nice thing to bring back to the Rogue Forums!

(FantĂ´me) #2

(Homicidal) #3
5/10. Maybe if the o didn't have the accent I would have given you higher. ^^

(Jiyoung) #4
8/10 very roguie name

(Ristaa) #5
5/10 cause of the accents.

(Calyix) #6

Nice ring to it for a rogue.

(Exarkun) #7

Sounds cool

(Hofferson) #8
Not enough lightsabers.

(Homicidal) #9

It's alright

(Vezpira) #10

Very much in our "class fantasy".

(Vanqueef) #11
6/10 semi-fits a rogue.

(Sotu) #12

Remember me of the vanilla Vancleef!!!!!

(Wallun) #13
I like it my fellow gnome

(Shadøw) #14
6/10 mediocre, but has a gnomish sound to it

(Needle) #15
Nice name for a Swedish Rogue :) 7/10

(Fuglefrø) #16
^ Arya Stark owns this one, but still a good name for a rog :D 8/10.

(Noxia) #17
6/10, don't know how I feel about it. :p

(Stabistabi) #18
Fiting for a Assassination rogue 8/10

(Spookyrogue) #19
05/08/2016 11:20Posted by Stabistabi
Fiting for a Assassination rogue 8/10

10/10, reminds me of a joke which we have inbetween some friends.

(Diaphanous) #20
6/10. You don't look very spooky.