Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Tealraven) #241
09/09/2018 19:03Posted by Velorí

Got a nice ring to it.

Velorí sounds very suitable to a female night-elf. 8/10 :D

My name is more of a codename relating to class-fantasy (which blizzard took away after Legion :'( ) Right now I am a pirate, raiding the south-seas! Ahoy!!

(Poofgone) #242
6/10 My err favourite coloured Raven.

(Anarchy) #243

(Chevallier) #244
Too edgy for me but on the other hand your name sounds like perfect prerequisite to become youtuber or streamer @anarchywow

(Arcticaa) #245

Sounds mysterious.

(Sneakybish) #246

Sounds like a cold killer.

(Heyana) #247
Fits for troll rogue, light and cool

(Battousai) #248
Sounds like an ordinary fantasy name.
No ties to rogues specifically, but does fit goblins.

EDIT: Also changed my name from Knslyr to Battousai when I changed to Mag'har.

(Suprisefam) #249
7/10 bit monk ish but like it

(Shaerar) #250
17/09/2018 11:22Posted by Suprisefam
7/10 bit monk ish but like it

8/10 I like it.

(Imthebestlol) #251
Not a fan at all 2/10

(Shunpo) #252
1/10 xd

(Tuna) #253
8/10 once I had googled it fits well

(Condition) #254

(Shadowspunk) #255
6/10, I like the intention you condition who tries against you

(Battousai) #256
17/09/2018 19:17Posted by Shadowspunk
6/10, I like the intention you condition who tries against you

Spunk. Well that is interesting, and hilarious. Spunk itself actually have a rogueish sound to it, and with Shadow just making it even better.

I'll give it 9/10, because I like more serious names usually, but this one is something I could have chosen myself.

(Franksappa) #257
Nice RP name. I like it 10/10

(Stinkstabber) #258

Sap ftw

(Blackblade) #259
Sounds somewhat dirty. I would definitely match it with a leper gnome like that one, 8/10.

(Reevena) #260
Edgy. I like it :D