Rate the RP name above you

Rate from 1 to 10 the name above.If you wish you can add any comment explaining your rate.

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Fuseblower rewards 7 out of 10.

Fuseblower knows Bovines are named after distinguishing characteristic of physical appearance and not for achievement in field of engineering like Gnomes. Fuseblower will not hold that against Icehoof because Fuseblower knows Taurens are too clumsy for engineering. Especially when hooves are made of ice.

Edit : Fuseblower remembers asking a Tauren about his name “Thundertotem”. Tauren demonstrated his characteristic of physical appearance. Fuseblower might possibly have overreacted. Tauren now goes by other name.

Fuseblower has powerful Fireblast…

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10/10 love fuseblower for a mage gnome


Missed opportunity to be"Imdamage".

I dig it, actually. Tauren have cool naming conventions in general.


Every name above me is 10/10 in my book. Maayybe 8/10 for Dandamage because the ‘mage’ in it irks me a bit, but still a good RP name.
As long as a name fits the RP chart, it’s above 6 for me. If it fits the ordinary naming scheme of the race, that’s 10/10. What more could you want ?

I know mine is too long/complicated for a WoW elf, but I wanted an anagram, even though it’s pretty much impossible to figure out.
Oh well. At least my TRP lastname is Greymoss, which I like.

Felix Winnie (or Felix in wine).

The Mc in Mcmourning gives a nice scottish feel to it. On a dwarf character. I love it. 9/10. Not sure if I like it as a RP name so -1 point in that regard.


-2 points for the omission of the obviously needed “d” (Antonidas) which makes it seem oddly spanish.

But on the hole not a unsuitable name for a human

Edit: randomly decided to google Antonidas, seems to be a major figure in Lore - revising the score to reflect; 6/10


Sounds like such a good old Lordaeron-type of name which suits an Undead very well. I am impressed.

Felix Winnie (or Felix in wine).

You monster !
(I mean it as a compliment)

I like this name as it’s short and memorable. 9/10

I have had many names, but people call me Rukai.

Rukai is a strong warriors name! Bold and brave, I rate 1923/2000

Yalreel Cornwell!

Yalreel sounds a bit weird to me. I´d say 6 out of 10.

Maldash fits a forsaken well in my book, 9/10.

It would be an honour to fight alongside a Darkspear so blessed by the Loa of Names.


I have mixed feelings about this one… :thinking:

On one hand it kinda reminds me to remember the Alamo… On the other hand it’s quite trollish with that “mon” at the end.

I’ll go with trollish tho, since my memory ain’t what it used to be so it’s hard to remember Alamo (even so when I wasn’t there!), so it’s a solid 8. Sounds like a proper nickname for a troll rogue.

Such a pretty name even though you’re a filthy Kaldorei! Although it would be better on a human!


Yalreel… a fitting name for undead rogue! I could easily imagine a character with that name doing all kinds of nasty poisons in some dark cellar just before going to do a bit of dirty-murder-business.

Gotta give that one 10, since the avatar looks just as sinister as the name sounds!