Rate the transmog above you! V7


9/10 i was looking at trying something similar. Always disapointed at the lack of hoods in the mail section for transmog.

My mog isn’t complete yet. Missing the bow from Sunwell. Just wont drop for me, my warrior or rogue :frowning:

(Noshbox) #500

This is a pretty nice mog - It really suits a Blood Elf. I don’t particularly like the hood mind, and yes, the Sunwell bow will make this set look much better.


(Taigertraps) #501

Cool, but too bright. 7/10

(Sestren) #502

It works but the helm and shoulders don’t really go 8/10

(Ashrîel) #504

Cool, but the spear could be better. Vanilla looks don’t fit with new mogs imo. 9/10


Sad to say, but nothing special that blows my mind. It looks great and all, but I’ve seen it many times. 3/10 for effort and 8/10 to Blizz for making a nice ranger look.
You get a 6/10.


9/10 love that chest on an orc, weapon is a good match! Brutal looking. Just as an orc hunter should be.

(Smylodon) #507


Nice match-up of mainly two sets. Even tabard and that plastic chest piece match very well, which is not very usual with chest pieces like this. Bow fits perfectly. your transmog definitely looks as all these items are meant to be combined with each other. Great work!

I’ll give it an

asterisked 10/10

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Since the armory doesn’t show it all, follow the link below please:



6.5/10 not really a fan of the shoulders and the chest feels a bit off but nice theme


I kind of like it and don’t at the same time, I like that you have a mog that i havn’t seen before and the color scheme goes well together, also the primal feel of it is pretty cool. I don’t like the big fat gloves, even tho they fit the mog. 7/10


Tusk sticking out is a no no on that helmet
that chest you wearing or that tabard hides the pants
you look like you not wearing any boots
I dont find a theme in this


Very Death Knighty - looks like you’v been raised by Arthas but decided to stick to your weapon of choice.

No glowing eyes, sadly, 8.5/10

(Smylodon) #512


All in all I think this is a nicely done piece of transmog-work. Head pieces blue might be a bit too intense compared to the rest of your transmog though. I think I’d also prefer a rather beige-coloured cloak but can’t really tell since I don’t know how yours actually looks ingame.
Also, there is a blueish version of your shoes. I think those would fit in a bit better. I really like that bow as well.
Anyways, I like your transmog.

After all I’ll give it a


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Smylodon, on the first glance your transmog is closer to mercenary/sword-for-hire then to the hunter, armor is expensive chain and mail but not as heavy as knight’s one, for someone who travels a lot and fights a lot.
In terms of color coordination everything is perfect blue/purple for inner layer, and iron/crimson for outer one.

I would’v prefer bit more realistic shoulders and weapon but it my personal opinion and it’s fantasy after all.

Bonus points for tabard matching the name 9/10

Regarding my mog - the initial idea was to recreate original Ranger-General outlook and there is only 2 mail hoods of right configuration one of which is of brownish color so I went with blue-white-gold and started building from it.

Ranger-general outfit supposed to be as slim as possible so I went extra length to get non-bulky glove-wrist combination, shoulders and boots (there is no better color coordinated alternative, sadly, I’v checked out after your comment).

Cape was chosen because on one hand it shares blue-gold pattern and matches the hood and have white theme of it’s own on the other.

Transmog is mostly finished an if something will be changed in it in the future it will probably be the belt the current one looks practical but there might be better options.

That’s how it looks in game:

(Smylodon) #514

Awwww, you are one out of very few who realise that. :grin:
That’s actually one of my favourite aspects of that transmog. ^^

Looks better ingame than it does in the amory. Who would have known that? Surprise, surprise!
Cloak fits in very well - better than I expected.
Head piece looks much better ingame but still I’m not 100% convinced. Rather 90-95%. I know that struggle.
I still think that blueish version of those boots fit in a bit better than this reddish version.

So I’ll give it a


Since I my transmog got rated and Miakris too, I actually don’t know how this is supposed to be continued now. Feel free to skip me, feel free to rate me (if so, follow this link: https://i.imgur.com/elBeJYe.jpg).
Anyways, whoever is next now has a turn.

(Smylodon) #515

Well then, I’m going to continue even though I would have liked to see and rate another one in this topic.

I can now proudly present my brand new “Drustvar Battle Suit”! (please follow the link below) :point_down:t4:

I actually created it in march already.
It took many transmog runs through Tomb of Sargeras. I even raised a transmog-shaman to 110 to increase my chances on those shoulder pieces.
Since retreiving those pants from Uldir Mythic turned out to be quite hopeless, I changed my profession from alchemy to leather and raised my skill to 150 for about 60k gold. Still took a number of transmog runs in order to collect the needed 250 sanguicells to craft those pants.
It never took that much effort and time for me to finish a transmog set I created. That’s why I’m a little bit proud to have it done now. Hope you like it. :relaxed:


Smylodon, I’m loving the color patterns you’re working together from different sets aswell as the duelers tabard. A intresting mix with the shoulderpads and sword+enchant, I can see what you’re going for with it.

A downsides would be the helmet. I feel like you do way better without and it seems to be what you normaly run with so I did not pay it too much attention. The bigger one is probably the boots. You’re running a pretty big and detailed set. The boots looks abit like socks with a metal piece over the toes is quite a let down.

All in all, I’d give it a 8,5/10 I think some proper meaty boots that match the current pattern you’re already going for would give it the final push to be something real great. But still, loving the overall color patterns you’re going for. And the drust-ish blue lighting is a intresting effect ontop of it.

As for me: Its ment to be a fairly straight foward green Farstrider set. Simple but still having some elegance to it. Using some of the cata dungeon pieces that I rarely see used for it.

(Smylodon) #517

I just liked how well it fits in although all items are from different sets but I definitely prefer it without that helmet too. The turtle neck alone demands a head-free set since I simply love turtle necks. ^^

Once again, we see that tastes do differ. Those shoes/socks/boots are one of the parts I like the most. When I created that set (started with shoulder pieces as I thought just a few runs would be enough to retreive them which turned out to be colossal miscalculation) I was so happy to finally have created a transmog matching these shoes as it was like love at first sight when I saw these models in the first place back then in Legion.
But I see your point. :wink:

Anyway, thanks for your detailed assessment.

Please continue with Vanthaes!


9/10 you look like a true ranger, love the whole look :slight_smile:

(Yinghei) #519

9/10. I love it. That look just screams orc hunter, although you look scary in a fel Draenor way.

(my mog is purely to show off my Waist of Time because it gave me such a headache to get that I want to get some use out of it!LOL).