Rate the transmog above you! V7

(Lirithiel) #486

I’m all for simple and plain transmogs, but this one is a bit too… green. Not sure that bow is fitting for an Orc. Respect that you have it though /salute. Love that chest piece - I was lucky enough to get it for a steal on another realm. Maybe throw some brown into the mix. 5/10


Simple very simple. I suggest a nice green shoulder 6/10 :blush:

(Taigertraps) #488

Nice mix. Never liked the bow though.


Jelly of the helm :stuck_out_tongue:
Like the mog all together 8/10


@Maronax I think you are still able to get that helm by making a trial Shaman and buying the set from the pvp vendor in Pandaria. It unlocks the helm that Hunters can mog. I did it with my Shaman, although it wasn’t a trial toon.

As for your mog, the goggles are an odd choice and the tabard (even though I like the colours) spoils the chest piece. 7/10

(Vataraa) #491

nice mog 7/10 and as for me please help me find a better bow for my BM hunter as i cant use the MM artifact skins on this mog.


Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow should match that look very well. Skip me and rate Vataraa.


7/10 not bad, but not realy in my taste.

(Rhaeve) #494

Although the colors match, i can’t get over the fact, you’re wearing a skirt. That is so not what in my opinion a hunter should wear. I do love those colors tho, so a 7/10

(Smylodon) #495

Well all in all it’s quite nice. In my opinion neither your bracers nor your bow fit in very well though. I just have another version of that artifact bow in my mind that would fit much bette. That dark prule one.

Alls in all I’ll give it a


Whil I’m still gathering all the parts for my new Drustvar Battle Suit that I have in mind, I’m currently wearing my Kaldorei Revenge Amor.

Here it is:



Thanks for the pictures. Looked better ingame :wink:


(Nagrenol) #497

9/10 for being original

Also I don’t know why but in game my cloaks displays as black and gray but on armory it shows old colours of red!


7/10, simple and good, i like.


9/10 i was looking at trying something similar. Always disapointed at the lack of hoods in the mail section for transmog.

My mog isn’t complete yet. Missing the bow from Sunwell. Just wont drop for me, my warrior or rogue :frowning:

(Noshbox) #500

This is a pretty nice mog - It really suits a Blood Elf. I don’t particularly like the hood mind, and yes, the Sunwell bow will make this set look much better.


(Taigertraps) #501

Cool, but too bright. 7/10

(Sestren) #502

It works but the helm and shoulders don’t really go 8/10

(Ashrîel) #504

Cool, but the spear could be better. Vanilla looks don’t fit with new mogs imo. 9/10


Sad to say, but nothing special that blows my mind. It looks great and all, but I’ve seen it many times. 3/10 for effort and 8/10 to Blizz for making a nice ranger look.
You get a 6/10.


9/10 love that chest on an orc, weapon is a good match! Brutal looking. Just as an orc hunter should be.