Rate The Transmog Above

Because old topic was filled to full, there's another one.
10/10 for circularity, would mistake for a moongate again
6/10 for questionable colour match

(I realise now I logged out in the wrong shoulders for this thread...)
4/10 Colors dosen't match.
Really nice. I dig the slight blue/greenish color on chest and gloves. 8/10.

(My hands are not mogged and swords arent part of this mog lol). Basic tyrannical.
I like it 8/10
Usually dont like trolls, but damn you made it work. 9/10
Ok, yeah, interesting blind monk look going on. Armour match is top rate, but I gotta be honest those swords don't quite work with it... 8/10

For myself, trying to come up with a jade set... so tempted by this pirate hat, but the leather doesn't match the rest of the outfit at all and that's hurting :(

(Also these threads are really hard right after expansion launch when everyone is changing gear daily and forgetting to re-mog xD)
Same chest/legs/belt as me! I know most of it is considered a similar "set" but it's not a tier set so it gets a pass in my book. The belt goes well, I love that hat (on non Dwarves at least) and even the weapons look good. Boots look out of place.

8/10 nice primal wilderness monk. Its really cool
Not a fan of weapon tho.

Note: ignore the axe, i dunno why its not showing up as fist
6.5/10 i like the no shoulders and one of your weps (fists of the heavens)
I dislike the boots and the other wep
Doesn't really say 'Monk'! But I like it, good colouring.

Mine is pretty standard, but I like it.
Fat panda's the OG monks.
Looks pretty cool, but you need to find some other weapons.
@Zanso, 5/10. Too flashy for me, you look like from sci-fi and not fantasy. But you match everything wich is great.

I am trying to make a sort of Bloodborne hunter look, and waiting for Uldir release.
6/10 not my taste, but u nailed the bloodborne look pretty well imo :D

Those weapons do not fit at all.
No belt. Helm doesn't match.
4 points for the glove/chest coloring match and the chest/shoulder.

Not really a fan of the weps, but damn looks pretty good! :)
8/10 looks good i dont like fists.
Your panda face matches Your gear :)
7.5/10 I kind of like the Roman look. Wouldn't do it myself, tho.
9/10 i think its sort of original and well put together a bit mysterious