Rated arena soloQ

can we have this in the game pls

i know no changes but i think it wouldnt hurt


That’s not even on retail, but this won’t work on TBC at all.
TBC arenas are based around teams.


ok mr professor

You’re welcome.

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btw theres already unrated soloQ so why not rated

I already said.

you make no sense but thanks for pushing

what are these solo players doing in an mmorpg?


thats why it workes on the biggest Arena only Realms for TBC and Wotlk so well right? it even got played more then 3v3/2v2

SoloQ 3v3 is prob the best thing ever created by Private Realms


Here we go again, Innerskky saying something makes no sense when they disagree.

I don’t think they know the difference between BGs and Arena and how they work.


Doing bg’s for one, cause you’re not allowed to group there anymore.

Do you realise that this would make rogues even better in PvP? Especially in arena environment, where you can reset a fight 20 000 times.

TBC is not balanced enough to make it work. Some WotLK private servers had it and it worked quite well, but it would be really bad in TBC.

Why not the LvL boost is also completely balanced. Wont hurt.

I think they should put everything P2W so u dont need to play the game at all

Tell me, how are you going to make a solo queue rated arena with arena teams in the game?

You can solo queue 2v2s and 3v3s, just not rated.
Because it’s based around arena teams.

3v3 solo bracket in wotlk private servers was the best thing IMO. Thats because you can really showcase you individual skill instead of team skill there. However, I dont see it working in tbc as the meta is not as open as in wotlk. Could be a cool feature for wotlk tho, but I doubt itll be added.

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you could just get your soloQ rating tho

on Private Realm they just remove 5v5 Bracket and implement an SoloTeam with ur SoloMMR and HiddenMMR. And then u get matched depending on the Season

Range,Meele,Healer or only viables was always different.

If Private Server can customize smth like that Blizz should easy do it and now they dont need to remove 5v5 they can just add another bracket.

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always funny to me when ppl think that nothing is possible so much could be done

many things should be improved. Classic era is a joke and thats just one example

they just let realms die trying to cash out on everything and do nothing

region locked realms only. No fresh realms. No faction balance

i will quit if they dont do nothing (and no whoever read this cant have my gold lol)