Rated PvP Seasonal Mount Adjustment

Thats a 2million one and i am glad people can get one now without having to fork out stupid amount of gold .
People asked for a spider for years and get 1 then they land a 2million price on it to slap collectors in the face .

The reasoning why Blizzard chnaged the rating requirement:

Basically their saying getting to 1.4k this season is harder now than before and I honestly agree. It required way less effort to get to 1.4k in BFA than it did this season for me.

I also think it’s good change. 1.4k can be quite daunting for new players. Many probably give up before that.

Having rewards even at lower ratings will motivate more people to keep playing arenas and get better at it. I know many people that enjoy some more casual PvP that just get frustrated due to not getting any rewards at all for a long time until they manage to get to 1.4k.

Ideally there would be way more rewards at like every 100 or 200 rating to motivate people to keep going.

I think getting more people interested, especially new people is quite healthy for PvP and lowers the barrier to entry.

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neither can i
thanks to obvious groups who have honor leechers or pveers making us lose
my mistake was playing more games after reaching 1600
so if they bring solo queue next season and i get good groups for 1600 again
simple i get the rating semi elite set(someone suggested full elite on 1,6 because if they got 1,8 on one char and want the elite on another they have to grind it again)
and upgrade everything

Typical Blizzard in their reply to wowhead about this. They acknowlegde that this season is way harder compared to previous seasons (we all know why it’s harder), yet they double down on the gearing system that’s making it way harder for 9.1.


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Currently 1300, gave up on my mission to get to 1600 (via 1400) in RBGs might dust off the 200 pvp gear and give this a go for the mount. Still think my 2 Million armorless Spider is better though.

Anyone know how many BGs you need to win to get it or is progress not linear and linked to rating?

Puny, we need to get this xD

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You get vicious saddle after that.

I wonder if this is because this season 1000 rating is somewhere around where 1400 used to be? Like percentile wise. Was doing some casual arenas yesterday with my friend and got amazed I was suddenly progressing that mount at like 1300 rating :smiley:

It’s not linked to rating.

It’s 200 wins in 2v2, 80 wins in 3v3 and 40 wins in RBGs.

You get a certain % of progress for each win. So you can make progress in multiple brackets.

Even i might try :laughing:

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40! Well that is me out would take me until 12.0 to get that many (takes me getting on for 2 hours to get into a group when I try to PvP - not done it for a while though)

Bruh! we can do this! xD

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3v3 is probably the fastest. You need 80 wins, but games are a lot shorter and finding a group is easier than for RBGs.

I hope the change will get enough people interested, so finding a group shouldn’t be too hard.

I wouldn’t subject the world to me in Arenas - it was ok muddling to 1K in BfA when DH was op, but now I just wouldn’t do that to the world

So, they realised that 70% doesn’t hit 1400 and instead of fixing that issue they just lower the requirement?

Oh well.

Thats the Blizzards reaction to topics that this game is too hard for casuals? WoW has so many issues, but this wasnt one… I hope they will lower the M+ mount to all +5s now, so the worst noobs can get it too.

Fair. Maybe try RBGs as a tank then (if you aren’t already). Tanks are usually in high demand there, especially dh and druids.

or when some dont even do rated pvp because of leechers/bots(rated bg)
or boosters(arena)?

Thanks Blizz! I might finally get this mount now :smiley: <3

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