Rated PvP Seasonal Mount Adjustment

With a hotfix that was applied a few minutes ago:

  • The rating requirement to earn progress for the Vicious War Spider rated PvP seasonal mount has been lowered to 1000 (was 1400).

As a reminder, you can check your progress toward earning your Spider mount in-game by opening the PvP window (default hotkey = “h”) and selecting the ‘Rated’ tab on the left.


Lmao! Getting easier Aye.

At this point just make it 0 rating required, 1000 is a joke you don’t even lose rating until that, what’s the point?
Also is it going to be 1000 for future seasons aswell?

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The rated Seasonal mount is the reason of many people that introduce themself to PvP

It intent to congratulate new PvP player to have hit the first rank of ranked PvP.
Thank of the mount, they can get a minimum of what looked like that season of PvP.

By making it easier to get, people will not tend to make effort to get it, resulting to " i got the mount now i stop PvP" instead of " So that is what look like Ranked PvP, it’s looking fun after all".
And so people that just wanted the mount will not discover enought game to see what look like real Ranked PvP.

It’s almost like the +15 achievement mount become the +5 achievement requirement. With only +5 people didn’t see the real motive to do M+ and how enjoyable it is with full difficulty, and will tend to stop M+ fast.

I was already mad how the seasonnal BFA PvP ranked is now easely accessible when M+ mount of BFA is not accessible too.

If you want to make PvP mount more easy, then PvE mount must be easy too .
And by the way make the M+ +15 mount in BFA S4 able to be buyable in a vendor somewhere like Vicious Saddle.

But i don’t think it’s a good idea to make it easier.
I don’t mean like 1800 rating or like that since it’s a mount to the goal to attract player to Ranked PvP instead of staying in Casual PvP.
But at least they got enought rating to say they played Ranked PvP more than 10 game.
Since low rated 1 win is 192 rating per win, and you can’t go down in rating. Saying that only 7 game start the % for the seasonnal PvP rated mount is not something meaningfull

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If it was any other pvp mount i would agree but spiders disgust me so no.

Boosters right now: $.$

Wow that’s nice and low, noob level low! A noob like me might actually be tempted. :laughing:



Checks to see if bags still contain any Versatility gear


I have a pitiful amount of versa :frowning:


Me too.

sad noises


If you are good geared PvE gear , it’s totally ok.

For example, if a 197 ilevel got 34 k health and is full PvP gear ( he gonna get around 21% versa gear) and you are with 38k health. It’s actually large fine.

The versa is to reduce damage mostly, the trinket is since it’s main stats for PvP and due to stats diminish the trinket set push the value of versa for damage and healing up.

So if he got 20% versa that mean he will reduce -10% incoming damage. If you got +10% more health you can substain burst damage like a 20% damage.

Shadowland in PvP is ilevel dependant. Yes Versa is very important but it’s only secondary stats. Today in Shadowland It’s Primary Stats > Versa for all.
That mean you can easely go with your PvE gear in Low cr to 1700-1800 cr with your full PvP gear without to be worried about getting versa or not.

Also meanwhile you are with your PvE gear, you are still pushing rating, and so you are unconsciously pushing your PvP gear. And with the game you have won you can buy gear and get the gear with versa on the way for the progress

So the gear without versa is not a excuse under 1600 rating :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If only that were true in sl

I’ve only ever hit 1400 and that was with a friend calling the shots. It’s not something I enjoy. I only did it for essences in BfA. I doubt I could get to any respectable rating :laughing:


I would rather have this mount removed eww.

I’m not a fan of spiders. It would be one for mount count.


Honestly this is a great change, I know people that struggle to achieve 1.4 and now they can actually get the mount. To be honest I don’t know why they ever changed it from 100 3s wins or 25/50 rbg wins don’t remember

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Is this only for the seasonal mount or also for the vicious saddle mounts you can get after the spider?

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Cool, can we get something to do with Vicious Saddles tho, BfA mounts not yet on the mount vendor and I currently hold 30+ Vicious Saddles. :smile:

I think that is coming 9.1 not 100% sure .

Thats 2 of us just have to find a willing partner now :stuck_out_tongue:

People laughing at how easy it is “now” yet I did my 100 3v3 wins in Legion and ended up at like 1580 without even trying, and I suck in arenas, so it’s not like the 1400 previous requirement made a difference.

On the contrary, people were paying for boosts to get to 1500. People don’t need boosters to get to 1000 if they’re just doing it for the mount.

This will encourage more people to PVP legitimately.

I think it’s a good chance. 1000+ for mount progression, 1500+ for gear progression.

Plus 1500 is like the new 1800+ with all these boosters.

As for the mount, I like it but I have a sour taste after the fact that they said no more spider mounts after the 1.5 million one.

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