Razer naga trinity keybinds

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Hey, so i recently have bought razer naga trinity mouse and im currently using 12 button layout but i have noticed that whenever im trying to bind any key in game instead of adding me 12 new buttons it replaces my keyboards 1-9 buttons.
for example my skill-spell “A” is assigned for keyboard number “1”
and when i try to add a skill “B” for my mouse number “1” it unbounds skill “A” and it changes that my mouse and my keyboard uses skill "B"with it.
so i dont get any new keys i just get opurtunity to press the same ability with mouse or keyboard.
anyone knows how to deal with this problem?
thank you in advance.


The naga mouse is there to save you from pressing the numbers on your keybored. so skill A on keybored will also be skill A on mouse.

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Toss it in the bin cause Naga is crap, then buy the Logitech g600 mmo mouse which has all the 12 buttons only it just mirrors your numpad by default

I replaced 3 of those mouses under a year because they kept Breaking down, have the Logitech one for 3 years now without any hickups

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thanks all for reply`s. i just keybinded all of it to numpad aswell.
i think logitech n razer is very similar tho but im sticking to razer since i already have razer keyboard n rgb mousepad aswell so it just finishes off my setup :slight_smile:

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That’s a good intention to have, I was mostly speaking from personal experience, if it breaks down between now and a few months I would consider replacing it with the g600

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i still got varanty just in case.
i cant afford replacing 100£ mouses just like that.but thank you for advice that mouse definetly looks sick aswell :slight_smile:

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