Razorgore server - Orgrimmar unplayable

Hey blizzard,

Could you PLEASE fix orgrimmar? There is obviously something wrong with the orgrimmar server, since nothing else but orgrimmar lag. It currently has 10-30 sec lag spikes, even without many ppl inside of orgrimmar or in off hours. It has been like this for 2-3 days now and I just checked firemaw, and they have no lag at all.

Please fix asap! its already frustrating enough to get world buffs, but with this its almost impossible


isnt it funny how the blues only answer the most useless threads on this forum and the threads that they can actually do something about (upgrading trash servers) they dont even acknowledge :smiley:

Still unplayable in orgrimmar during nef buff pop. Medium populated server only. Something is wrong with this server

Please fix that on Razorgore,people are angry and can’t get world buffs …its not for one day,they lagging 4-5 days,I play on shazzrah too,on shazzrah everything is ok,so fix razorgore…