Rbg recruitment - Stormscale

LOS is recruiting PVP members to fill the ranks of the rbg teams, min req is 2k+ exp arena/rbg.Pushing as a guild, the core members have 1900-2000 CR.In need of a good TC Ret A Rog & a disc/hpal. Accepting social pvpers that want to join a pvp community like guild!

hey there ^^
i am a Ret that is currently playing solo around 2.1k mmr
I usually am the tc and leader of the group in one. But it kinda feels like this is the limit to where i can climb with random guys. i play on a german Server but i’d love to join the comunity and push further up to at least 2.1 and looking for fellow minded ppl.

mb no idea why this little fella was the character i wrote with this is my main ^^

Still Looking for a Rogue? 2,1k 3s in SL, 2k RBG SL XP on FC DH.

Yes we are still looking for a rogue, If you could Send me your Btag or add mine so we could talk that would be great.


2.1k in 2’s 1950+cr in rbgs. Looking for guild / community to play (mostly on weekends) Cjeet#21164