RBGs are dead?

How is it possible to create a 1500 RBG group at 9pm on patch day with increased pvp rewards, and only 1 person signs up every 5-10 minutes? Maybe it’s time for a solo queue.

Yeah. PvP overall needs big attention , saying “frankly its a skill issue” wont fix anything , cuz PvP is dying FAST

LFG RBG is dead, but nobody grabs you into grp without relevan achi. In RBG there is tones of boosting grps thats looking for HOTS/HOA for free boosting his buyers. Also there is pretty hard just play RBG, cuz on low MMR there is a lot of fully geared glad/R1 exp guys who chill for conquest and delete undergeared casuals. And 3-rd you need too much time to cr8 a grp. Thats why its dead. If they solve gear difference problems - RBG will play much more players.


I generally prefer an MMO having manual team building, but at this point… RBG needs solo-queue, yes. And also, group compositions should be the same on both sides during matchmaking, like 7 dps + 3 healer should be against 7 dps + 3 healers rather than the ideal 6/3/1 match-up. One of the big issues was that nobody wants to tank in RBG, but also nobody wants a sub-optimal group setup. This would solve this at least.

No, its need redesign for solo q - like 6 deep brawl. Holinka said he think about this…since Legion lol. I think they just don’t want add any solo q. U know any solo q will reduce boosting, cuz u no need to wait or to pay - just q for competetive game any time u want.

PvP System needs a massive remake. :frowning:

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Peak hours you can still find at least 10-20 groups on my server, outside that its barebones but thats expected. 9PM isn’t peak most people don’t look for RBG’s late since people are either tired or drunk.

Most of this grp are for conq farm low MMR, they are not for climb or play - half of there are AFK players. If u like to AFK at low MMR with 30% winrate - for shure join them.
Its really hard to find any grp for play, even if u find - u have zero spot in it. They usually looking for healer or tank. There is few grps that looking for HOTH/HOA/GLAD/R1 for push or for free boosting their buyers.

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RBGs needs solo que. Nobody has time or will to gather 15 people to “talk” through external voice coms and programs.

They are kinda you only have 2.2 cutoff on hero when ls it was arround 2.6 at the same time.

Solo queue wont work as of the scant few players who still want to play RBG’s it will be impossible to form a team since no one will want to group at all. At that point why not just migrate all the conquest gains over the randomBGs and scarp the feature alltogether? Believe it or not some people actually want to do group battlegrounds with sweaty tryhards. Except those punks who do it in normal bg’s they don’t want the challenge.

I agree. Randoms used to be so good in the past. Now half the team is absolutely clueless and has zero capabilities to press map button and go for objectives. Maybe devs know this and ignore it totally. How can you fix stupid? You cant.

Oh yes if soloqueue was implemented i would queue all day. Im done with boosters, mmr droppers, full glad teams at 1600 cr etc. RBSs are barely playable at this point, soloqueue would solve all these toxic issues

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